Oh no

Hello. I have a cold today. Which one of you gave it to me???

I’m “working from home”— no, actually– I really have to work. That’s the problemo with newspapers– sometimes you have stuff that’s due and you have to get it done.

So I may or may not be posting today.

5 Responses to “Oh no”

  1. Allison
    August 26th, 2003 11:17

    Oh no! Feel better soon! Oh and stay the hell away from me. I hate getting sick because mommies aren’t allowed didn’t you know?


  2. Busy Mom
    August 26th, 2003 11:22

    It’s a computer virus.

  3. Texas T-Bone
    August 26th, 2003 13:02

    Hey, sorry you don’t feel well. But enjoy that working at home thing. Won’t work if you become a school teacher.

  4. Cassie-B
    August 26th, 2003 19:11

    Pretty sure it wasn’t me. I feel good today

  5. TW
    August 26th, 2003 19:13

    It was me. My brother and his urchins gave it to me at the beach, and I’ve been passing it on ever since.

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