Taking You Down to China Town

When I was 17, I went on two dates with a guy named Chris. Two boring, cheapo dates. At the end of the second date, I found out he had a girlfriend. Long story short, I said “buh-bye” to Chris and went on my merry way.

Too bad Chris couldn’t do the same. He started to harrass me. Called me NONSTOP and left some scary messages on my machine. Showed up at places I went to. We worked at the same country club and he had no problem leaving his area to come over to mine to bother me.

Let’s just say little Chris didn’t work there for long after that. Harrassment isn’t well tolerated in the workplace, you know.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a little friend amongst us that seems to think I owe him an email. I am not sure what is going on with this kid, but it is starting to bother me. First, I do NOT DO WELL with any boy using the f-bomb and b word at me. I do not do well when you change your IP every time you come here. I do not do well with you ordering me and other people around.

I’ve ignored you until now. Here’s a hint, you are NOT getting an email from me. You are NOT getting any form of contact from me. If someone contacts you, assume it is not me. I do not contact people who act obsessive.

You may think you are being harmless and having a little fun. I think you are acting very obsessive and are bordering on stalkerish. I am a mother of a small child with another one on the way. I do not like your little game.

Here is a picture of our little friend. He’s the first one, hiding behind some girl. What? You don’t want people posting pictures of you? Do not come to my site and leave all that contact information.

Consider this your first, last and only warning. If you do not leave me alone, you will be hearing from me through the authorities in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Edit: I do not know who this kid is. He’s not the guy who I had problems with in the past, this one is a weirdo all on his own.

26 Responses to “Taking You Down to China Town”

  1. honey bunny
    July 16th, 2005 13:49

    holy christ, SJ. i’m sorry you have to put up with that shit. men are crazy and the women who are with them but jealous of their past relationships are almost as bad. stick to your guns and contact the Mounties if he gives you any more shit.

    i’m behind you all the way!

  2. nine
    July 16th, 2005 14:11

    jeeze sj, totally sorry about the weirdo. stalkers are spooky.

  3. lydia
    July 16th, 2005 14:15

    Well damn. What a jackoff. He looks like he’s holding the girl in that picture hostage. Ugh.

  4. Poppy
    July 16th, 2005 14:29

    It sucks that he’s being a stalkerish ass, but my God! How funny is it that he’s coordinating “Friends” fan fiction! That’s a whole new level of loser.

  5. d
    July 16th, 2005 14:33

    Oh, you’re good! Way to turn the table on the freak.
    He even looks like a troll.

  6. Jessica
    July 16th, 2005 14:51

    Little bastard.

    I have contacts. Be afraid, stalker boy.

  7. Jack's Raging Mommy
    July 16th, 2005 15:27

    tee hee.
    I hope this works, cause he’s creepy.

  8. Heather
    July 16th, 2005 15:28

    Sounds to me that he got what he wanted. You wasted your time posting on him. What an asshole

  9. Jenna
    July 16th, 2005 15:32

    I live VERY near Sydney NS and I am actually mortified that someone like that could live so close to me. I have no idea who this kid is, but I want to apologize on behalf of the normal people who live in this neck of the woods.

  10. MunchkinMama
    July 16th, 2005 15:49

    Now you have something to flaunt in Rich Man’s land: they may have giant SUVS and personal theaters and tutors for each child they’re neglecting, but are any of them famous enough to have their own stalker? :) Although this kid should know that stalking so late 1990’s: I’d say now it’s all about the paperazzi - how’s he going to take photos hiding behind that girl?

  11. Stacey
    July 16th, 2005 16:01

    Friends Fan fiction?!


    And he’s Canadian. Oh man.

  12. Robotnik
    July 16th, 2005 16:11

    HAHAHAHAHA! Fugly mothafucka too.

  13. jessca
    July 16th, 2005 17:19

    And he’s Canadian. Oh man.
    Uh, what’s wrong with being Canadian?

  14. Dillygirl
    July 16th, 2005 17:20

    Creepy. The kid must have way too much time on his hands. Hopefully he’ll lose interest and get lost.

  15. Taryn
    July 16th, 2005 18:09

    I don’t know, Thomas seems pretty awesome to me. You shouldn’t let a fine hunk of man candy like that slip through your fingers.

  16. poobou
    July 16th, 2005 18:41

    And he’s in high school, too! Jeez, getting your stalker man candy a little young, aren’t you?

    I’m loving that he called you a him/her. As if all the vagina references hadn’t clued him in yet. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, now, is he?

  17. ieatcrayonz
    July 16th, 2005 18:44

    Jenna, I’ll give you $50 to go kick his ass…or at least go have a word with his mommy. I think she might have something to say about these messages to a married pregnant woman with a little kiddo. $50 bonus if you get mommy to pawn his computer or put a bullet through it, either one works.

    Way to stick to your guns, SJ. Excellent super spy tactic journalism job as well.

  18. Lujza
    July 16th, 2005 19:16


    Not all of us “Canadians” are screwed in the head…but this one definitely is!

  19. Laura
    July 16th, 2005 19:40

    He looks lonely. And scared. Like a frightened little bunny. And SJ, you’re the big, bad wolf. Go get him!

  20. Kat
    July 16th, 2005 20:23

    I live near-ish Sydney and am soooo embarassed. Kids like that should be stopped.

  21. Ninotchka
    July 16th, 2005 20:59


    (Love your new banner btw)

  22. Stacey
    July 16th, 2005 21:28

    Jessica, I can say that. I’m a Canuck too. ;)

  23. Melissa
    July 16th, 2005 21:44

    I’m with ieatcrayonz…i’ll give you 50$ to kick his ass, maybe it will finally give stalkers something to think about

  24. Orah
    July 16th, 2005 23:09

    Ugh sorry to hear about this. Something similar happened to me but the stalker got my IP addy and I called the police to try and do something. They couldn’t do anything! :-( There has to be threats they said. What a-holes. Hopefully stalker boy will chill out on his own. Mine did once I ignored them. Hopefully he just got smacked with a cluex4.

  25. Crazy MomCat
    July 16th, 2005 23:50

    SJ, I say don’t ever give him the pleasure of your time again…even by mentioning him on your blog. He’s not worth the time or energy to even tell him off. I’m amazed at these people who have so little of a life that they spend the time to do this crap.

  26. Heatheranne
    July 17th, 2005 00:38

    Jesus Christ Thomas! You’re a fucking freak. Get a fucking life and quit spending all your time harassing people on the internet. You need help. Seriously.

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