Smells Like Teen Spirit

Sometimes I get a post or an idea for a post and I’ll carry it around in my head for awhile. The idea I have carried in my head for awhile has to do with the internet. Basically, it was going to say “It’s just the internet. Get over it.”

But I can’t write that right now. I’m sick. I’m not sure if it is the hypermesis (I could be spelling it wrong but I really don’t care) or it might be the Projectile Vomit Disease. All I know is that I haven’t kept anything down today. At all. If I get up, I vomit. Or I get a headache.

My Mom came over and took Miss E because there is no way I can care for her right now. There’s only a certain amount of times that I can singsongaly (New word, yo) read the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” book to her while laying on my back. My stepfather walked in and told me my bathroom smells like vomit. It does. Its BAD.

Basically, I got a nasty email today from someone who obviously has issues. She went on a tirade about something I wrote a year ago. I felt confused as to what she was talking about. I started crying, not because of my lack of compassion or whatever she calls it, but because I was barely functioning at that moment.

Then I hugged my baby and ran to the toilet to barf. Again.

At that moment, I remembered “Its just the internet.” And I felt better. I’ve seen a lot of hate going around recently, a lot of people acting like complete asses. Fine, whatever. As I tend to get my fair share of assholes here in Sarcastic Journalist land, I remind myself that it “Is just the internet.”

Half of the world needs to pop a Midol, half needs to get that stick out of their butt. The rest of you can continue on because in my world, two halves don’t make a whole. Ha! I’m vomiting and I do bad math!

So, to all of you that get trolls or nasty emails, think about this: Yes, it sucks. But at least you didn’t have to vomit (again) in the toilet while there’s a “floater” in the bowl.

25 Responses to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

  1. brilly
    June 15th, 2005 15:57

    Sorry to hear that you have the dreaded lurgy. Hope you feel better soon. Why would someone wait a year to have a go at you?

  2. Robotnik
    June 15th, 2005 15:59

    hey. chin up. eXpecially when you vomit. people in general make me puke. and i’m not even pregnant. or a woman. so there.

    hang tight. good thing moms is there. no one here for us. we need some time off. we need a moms.

    write me whenever you feel like it or have time (ha! joke, joke).
    i try to leave you alone and not bother you or intrude on your time. but i love hearing from you.


  3. Dottie
    June 15th, 2005 16:05

    UGH! Hope you feel better soon, glad your Mom could help out! A year later on the e-mail, some people are such losers.

  4. Rebecca
    June 15th, 2005 16:23

    Hear, hear, my dear.

  5. Y
    June 15th, 2005 16:48

    I was going to write some really hilarious comment about how you’re just trying to copy me because of MY blog drama, but since you’re so sick, I won’t.

    I’m sorry I haven’t written you back yet, I’m working on it. :-)

  6. Vanessa_AR
    June 15th, 2005 16:48

    You are right, it’s just the Internet. That’s the attitude we all need! Hope you feel better very soon.

  7. Susan
    June 15th, 2005 17:13

    Sorry you got the Baby Plague! And pregnant on top of it all… I applaud you for still finding humor in the world while vomiting for two right now.

  8. Chika
    June 15th, 2005 18:40

    I can’t remember if I’ve commented before - I think ’til now I’ve been a lurker. But that’s not important right now!
    What’s important is that YOU RULE! You managed to remind yourself about the reality of the infamous internet even while pregnant and puking and looking after your baby.
    No one can rule more than you right now :D

  9. Dianna
    June 15th, 2005 18:42

    Why can’t some people figure out that if they do not like your site to QUIT READING IT, MORON!!!???

    Now, on to the vomiting…
    Is it Sickness vomiting, or Baby Sickness vomiting? HMmmmm, guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


  10. christina
    June 15th, 2005 19:03

    ugh, I’m sorry about the hyperemesis…I was hospitalized for that with my first, no fun at all.
    I hope it gets better.

  11. Lassa
    June 15th, 2005 19:04

    Sorry your sick… Feel better soon!

  12. ten33girl
    June 15th, 2005 19:07

    Actually, I have thrown up in the toilet (again..and again..and again) …while there was a “floater”. But hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right??

    Forget the Midol, I think the WHOLE WORLD should be on “happy pills”. I myself like Zoloft, cuz it disolves rather quickly without anyone ever knowing when I’ve slipped it into their drinks….oops! I mean…when I put it in my drink…yeah,thats it. ;p

  13. Brandi
    June 15th, 2005 19:34

    Please tell me it was your floater and not your stepdad’s!

  14. Crystal
    June 15th, 2005 19:52

    Trolls suck. I wish you’d share their contact info with us here, so we could have fun harassing them. You know, because some of us are argumentative bitches. Oh, is that just me??

  15. Heatheranne
    June 15th, 2005 19:58

    People are so fucking stupid. They’re just mean to be mean. I had someone call me at work the other day to tell me that someone on the phone was rude to them. She had some choide words for me then she hung up. I though “Why waste your fucking energy to be rude?”

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. It sucks to puke.

  16. April
    June 15th, 2005 20:29

    Apparently the person who emailed you didn’t get the memo that says that you only wait a year to bitch about something if you are a complete and total retard that needs to get mental help. Poor you having to deal with them. You’re right though…its only the internet…should be your new mantra.

  17. clickmom
    June 15th, 2005 20:40

    The vomiting thing is going around here in NJ, kids are down for the count in all the schools.

    Glad you have the Mom around for support, dismiss the negativity. No room for that here. This place is for friends.

    Feel better!

  18. Torrie
    June 15th, 2005 21:23

    I’ve made so many wonderful friends on the internet. The few meanspirited fuckers out there can kiss my ass.

    Sorry about the vomiting. And the floater.

  19. Sarcomical
    June 15th, 2005 21:59

    what asses some people are! who even cares, that person has to be the world’s largest loser if they sat around and had to think for a WHOLE DAMN YEAR to figure out how to *as they push up their nerd glasses* ‘file an angry letter to that SJ woman who just makes me sooo mad’.


    sorry for the vomit. really sorry. you have no idea how sorry i am that i read that *i mean* that you are going through that. ;)

  20. Sarcastic Journalist
    June 15th, 2005 22:55

    Again, what has happened between me and the email person has been resolved. Well, I think it has. It has on my end anyway.

    But the rest of the internet still needs a midol.

  21. Texas T-bone
    June 16th, 2005 10:29

    If there’s a floater in the bowl, you’re supposed to blow chunks into
    a) the shower
    b) the sink.

    For less legitimate reasons than you, I have done both at other people’s houses and in motel rooms. And in my own house. Share the love.

  22. some girl
    June 16th, 2005 11:08

    Ha! I’m vomiting and I do bad math!

    I’m totally using this line tonight after that one Martini too many. It applies to so many of life’s little situations.

  23. mushster
    June 16th, 2005 21:19

    The internet is one reason I prefer animals to ppl. Hope the upchucking eases off soon.

  24. RisibleGirl
    June 16th, 2005 21:42

    I’m sorry that people feel the need to be trolls. Please just take care of yourself and screw those fuckers.

    What???? I can’t believe I used that word. You can do a search in my entire blog and never find that word.

    ….must be the 2nd margarita I’m enjoying.

    Seriously, screw ‘em.

  25. paula
    June 17th, 2005 16:01

    sorry to leave a comment on an old post. i’m behind in my blog reading.

    Eh, you’re right. trolling, hate mail and morning sickness would be more than I could bear. i find myself taking this blogging thing way too seriously. as you said, it’s just the internet. still. a blog is a little bit like a baby. you want everyone to love it. it’s part of you.

    hope you feel better soon. as for me…i just bought a huge bottle of midol. i need it.

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