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Welcome to the new Jessica Simpson blog. When she says something stupid, I’m posting it here.

One of my new favorites?

“It’s about being worthy to feel beautiful in your own skin,” she says of the title song. “On my last record I weighed like 102 pounds and I was still told that I needed to be smaller. You hear that kind of stuff all the time, and that’s what the song is about: You’ve gotta just love yourself for who you are.”

Yeah, thanks biznitch. My 130 pound ass could eat you for breakfast. Shut up.

But, I can’t WAIT to see the camping episode:

The program, Lachey says, has given the couple a chance to spend large amounts of time together during an otherwise hectic period in their careers - including Simpson’s first camping experience, in Yosemite National Park.

“Jessica went camping with her $1,700 Louis Vuitton purse and her Cosmo magazine,” Lachey says.

“My brother and I were building a fire and here’s Jessica sitting on the little bench with her bag like she is at the Four Seasons or something,” he says. “There’s bears up there.

“I had to put her Louis Vuitton purse in the bear-proof bin at night. It was like cultures colliding!”

One Response to “Insert sarcastic remark here”

  1. James
    August 21st, 2003 17:49

    Heh, the way Nick was looking at her, it looks like she might end up chopped up and stuffed in that Louis Vuitton purse. LOL

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