Get it while its hot

Okay, I’m trying to get the 1st edition of Houston Normal Bloggers That Don’t Suck Meeting up and running and I need places to go.

I figured we’d do it on a Saturday, late afternoon/early evening in Houston. Somewhere were we could eat and or get a drink. Somewhere you can also bring a baby as Miss E wants to come.


14 Responses to “Get it while its hot”

  1. Ty
    April 12th, 2005 18:17

    You could meet at the Joe’s Crab Shack in Atlanta. That way, I could come and bring the girls. But I guess that defeats the whole ‘Houston Area Bloggers” concept…


  2. Emily
    April 12th, 2005 18:36

    This is when living in New York sucks!

  3. Karyn
    April 12th, 2005 18:40

    I vote “Espresso Head”, it’s convenient for me, open all hours, kid friendly, has divine coffee, and free wireless net access. But it’s in Brisbane, Australia. So here’s the plan…I’ll go, get online, then ya’ll can have your meeting and I’ll be an honorary member. Ty in Atlanta can do the same, so we can all meet - real or vitual Huston bloggers alike.

    Sound good, yeah. Ok it’s a deal. ;)

  4. MollieBee
    April 12th, 2005 18:56



    Brit is with cletusfetus!!!

    I freakin knew it.

  5. Robotnik
    April 12th, 2005 19:09

    why don’t you move it to Raleigh/Cary/Durham area. This way I could hang too, and we can all drive by your old place and give the new owner the finger.

  6. mushster
    April 12th, 2005 19:13

    Can I just pretend I live in Houston and come too? (I refuse to acknowledge I may suck!) Oh wait, I’m not normal though *sigh* ok nevermind, carry on.

  7. Antonia
    April 12th, 2005 19:44

    You have been geeting everyone all riled up about the bloody House of Pies lately. I’ve never been there, but I tend to trust a person that has enough concern for her safety to fear hardcore chicks with no arms.

  8. Stacey
    April 12th, 2005 19:49

    Give me a beer and some tex mex and I’ll be on the next plane! oh yeah.

  9. halloweenlover
    April 12th, 2005 20:25

    ummm, how about Boston. Where it snowed today.

    Yup, not a typo, snowed. Doesn’t that make you want to do the get-together here?

  10. debutaunt
    April 12th, 2005 20:36

    first we’d have to figure out what part of town. SJ lives in the total burbs of burbia. I’m NW - SJ knows wherebouts.

    With kids, I say somewhere where they don’t mind kids - House of Pies is yum, but the clientele might be a bit more picky.

    We are big fans of Chuys Tex Mex. Cheap. Lots to look at for the kids. Great food, and loud, so they don’t mind kiddos. I think they even have one out your way. Or even Chipotle. I have a free coupon for that. Woo!

    I’m in. Sats work well for me.

  11. janna
    April 12th, 2005 20:39

    I second the Pie movement, unless one has to drive on a freeway to get to it from The Whitelands. I am terrified of driving. Pie might help me get over that terrification, maybe, but I might die en route and even pie is not worth that.

  12. janna
    April 12th, 2005 20:41

    PS. I also don’t have a car, which further inhibits the driving. So I think I’ll just have to miss this one…

  13. Dylan
    April 12th, 2005 23:46

    You should try the Kirby’s Steakhouse in The Woodlands. Great bar, and nice atmosphere.

  14. Nicole
    April 13th, 2005 11:23

    Count me in! Just let me know the time and location. Does HOP really serve drinks??

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