Adventures in potted meat

Okay, why am I still getting spammed? 59 spams last night. I may usually get one. Literally every minute I’m getting a new one. Blah.

But anyway, onto the real fun stuff. We went to a movie last night for me to review. The medallion, if you must know. And it sucked. Plain and simple. Don’t waste your time. It’s getting an F from me.

So anyway, they brought in these people to do karate before the movie. It was one of those times that even though I wasn’t doing anything embarrassing, I was still very embarrassed.

So this kid pulls out a wooden cane and he is supposed to fight this girl with it. Before they even start, the loser is trying to be all cool and play with his cane. He ends up wacking himself in the head with it. I laugh. It makes me happy.

They also are supposed to chop boards with their feet but keep missing and hitting each other. thats fun. but the end…oh, the end.

They gather around and huddle together. They then pick up an American flag and start waving it, while they all look at it solemnly. Of course “I’m proud to be an American” is playing on their tape recorder. they then run through the damn movie theater like its the f*ing olympics, with the flag. Then these idiots pull out the Japanese flag and start running with it too.

That should have been a hint on how the movie would go.

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