Karma Police…Arrest This Man

Have you ever had a time where you were lost for words? For thoughts? I have so many thoughts and so many things I want to say, but at the same time I can’t.

Number one: There are things called “morals.” I don’t care what the fuck you say about “it is the internet…” but I have personally been lucky to deal with people who aren’t thieves. The site was a PERSONAL site. I didn’t “advertise” it on other people’s blogs. I didn’t link to it in blogexplosion. I had a domain name (that oddly enough, has been down for awhile and I just fixed) so my family could see the pictures (and for the birth) when I lived in NC and they lived elsewhere. So, therefore, it was conveinant.

The site is now passworded. I should have done it in the past, but honestly, I’m not that nerdly inclined and well, I’ve honestly believed that Most People live like normal human beings. Call me names, call me whatever, but I believed that people were good.

I no longer believe that.

If you believe that people are still good, I’m not gonna run over to you and say “blah blah no no” because that is just stupid. I’m glad you are able to believe that. I wish I could.

I have passworded pictures on this site until I can figure out what to do with them. So, you may be dealing with annoying pop ups for a little bit until I can do what I need to do.

I will never be able to figure out what the fuck is wrong with people. I’m not sure if it is someone who is “out” to “get me” or if it is someone who is just a little “psycho.” Why would someone go to all the troubles to find a PERSONAL site, steal the photos, upload them on flickr and then use the name “SJ”?

As I was explaining at lunch today, I am beginning to have a love/hate relationship with blogging and the internet. I am a writer by nature. I like writing. At the same time, I like getting to interact with people on the ‘net. I think that if I didn’t have people to “talk” to, that my day to day life would be a lot more boring.

Writing on a blog is a good way at keeping yourself “in check.” You look at the daily boring things and find the humor and meaning in them. You get to share your little piece of the world with other people. I’ve met several nice people who I consider friends through blogging. Therefore, as much as I would close comments, it would take away from this site. I enjoy interacting with you guys. Getting to meet you. It is fun.

At the same time, I never could have imagined where it would turn into this. Turn into people pretending to be me (?), saying nasty things, calling me names. Just when I get used to one thing, it seems as if another stone is unturned and this one has a bunch of flesh-eating maggots under it.

I feel violated. I feel wrong. I feel like this is just dirty and nasty and I want to take this page down and put a big “fuck you” on here. (No, not to you. You’re cool. I like you. Except for if you are a dickhead.) But, I love this site.

Just because a picture on the internet doesn’t give people the right to steal it. Unfortunately, there are sick people in this world who have to ruin EVERYTHING. Just because someone writes words does not mean that you can copy them and pass them off as your own.

There will be more changes coming. I do not know how or what or when, but I will consider everything short of passwording this site.

I got into the car today, after this whole fiasco started, and what song would come on? “Karma Police.”

If I believed in Karma, I would believe that some people have it coming. I do believe in “What goes around comes around,” and I hope someone gets you.

34 Responses to “Karma Police…Arrest This Man”

  1. bari
    April 6th, 2005 18:55

    Listen, lol, I mean read (you can’t hear me). I’ve been going through the same crap. If you know the ip addresses, I can tell you how to block them. That’s what I’ve spent the last 24 hours doing. You don’t have to post this if you don’t want them to know, but email me and I can give you the directions. Very easy.

  2. Robotnik
    April 6th, 2005 18:58

    whatever it takes.
    i/we have the same kind of thing (a personal site for baby pictures for our family) on our company site (www. nonprofitoyster.com). but no one can “hack” it. it’s a hidden page and unless you know the correct IP address you can’t find it. Also, it was built in by the company which designed our site and it’s all firewalled and all that techy shit which I don’t understand.

    but, like you, I would feel violated if anyone broke in and stole our pictures. they’re not quite as private as yours (they’re just regular photos of me, my wife and the baby at different ages), but still.

    so…whatever it takes. i’ll come back. always.

  3. Tamara
    April 6th, 2005 18:59

    This really sucks. I’m sorry your internet bubble has been burst by a loser with no morals. I agree with you, even though it’s on the internet, the pics are still yours and personal, and it is wrong to steal…no matter what. Do what you have to do to make you feel protected.

  4. Kelly
    April 6th, 2005 19:30

    I am sorry you are dealing with this BS! It’s not fair to you at all.

  5. debutaunt
    April 6th, 2005 19:51

    Babe. It’s because you had a sexy belly. And wasn’t an ugly whale of a pregnant woman like some of us.

    Hey. My last name is *um* real Italian. I know a few “guys” if you need a connection.

    Still, they are motherfucking assmunchers for trying some punk ass bullshit like that. Hope they get doinked up their bungholes by some karma.

    Ok, I just had a hard time typing that. But it’s because I’m re-tahded. And you know it.

  6. brilly
    April 6th, 2005 20:45

    I see the fake flickr pictures have been taken down and the persons site is closed. Yeah

  7. Emily
    April 6th, 2005 20:53

    I vote that you leave a big Fuck you to all the jerks out there! I am so about that password protecting, just make sure I get the password, what would I do without my shenuts site while suffering through my work days?

    Hang in there my dear S.J. ~ have you read my site lately ~ you talk about a loss for words!!

  8. Barefootgoddess
    April 6th, 2005 21:01

    I’m fairly new to the blogging world. I cut my internet teeth of MSN communities. I was in one group of parents for 2 years. I felt like I knew these people. I even went across the country, hell across an ocean to meet with some of these people. After two years something happened. I can’t even begin to comprehend it and it’s ben 3 yrs. Sudden;y everything I’d ever written about was being thrown up into my face. When I wrote about marital problems, that was thrown back as “Your married to an asshole why haven’t you left him yet? You make everyone uncomfortable” When I wrote about my then 10 mth old breaking his arm, Iwas accused of being a child abuser. All this by people who’s living rooms I had stood in. I had a picture of myself and some other friends (who also became the victim of these attacks along woth me) altered so we all had swastika tattoos and Hitler mustaches.
    What I’m trying to say with this long assed diatribe is, I’ve been there. And now, while I am still very caustious of how much I put out there, I still value the relationships I’ve gained through this silly little box

  9. RisibleGirl
    April 6th, 2005 21:06

    I’ve been a long LONG time lurker and don’t think I’ve ever commented here. I felt it important that I de-lurk for a moment to let you know how sorry I am that this is happening to you.

    I’m sorry that someone is THAT low to do such a thing. I don’t know how some people sleep at night. I really don’t.


  10. Robotnik
    April 6th, 2005 21:10

    didn’t know you were a Radiohead fan.

  11. Ben
    April 6th, 2005 21:16

    I still think you can still trust 99.9% of the people out there on the internet. Look at all the supporters you got. Don’t let this one creep get you down. If you worry or stress over this than the creep won. She/he isn’t worth it. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to tell you about the photos I found. It looks like they are down now so maybe it was a good thing in the end.

  12. Y
    April 6th, 2005 21:32

    Ben, I’m curious how you found the pictures?

  13. Ben
    April 6th, 2005 21:58

    I was just checking out the newest photos posted to flickr when I noticed the undie picture. Then on closer inspection I recognized who was in the pictures.

  14. Rbelle
    April 6th, 2005 22:13

    This is so odd and has been happening to more bloggers. I do not understand! It creeps me out. I have a family website that is for family only, but I am sure people could find it if they really want to. I’m sorry though, I know you feel creeped out.

  15. Autumn
    April 6th, 2005 22:19

    This is the way I see it, and I’ve said this before - one needs to make the decision how far out there they want to put themselves and their families. What you are comfy with.

    Yes, the world is filled with turd people, but on the internet (I’ve been here for 6 years) it’s mostly an annoyance. That’s where the finding what you’re comfortable with comes into play.

    You need to worry when people from the net start showing up on your doorstep, or when they start stalking you in real life or on the net.

    If you want to be a published writer, if this the vision you have for yourself, you will have your real name all over the bookstores and the internet. You will have some sort of celebrity status and you will be putting yourself out there for all the freaks to abuse.

    So…maybe this blog is boot camp. Getting you ready for what’s to come.

    People are public figures in their jobs. They open themselves up to freaks just by going to work. Lawyers. Doctors. Jouralists. CEOs.

    You need to decide what feels harmful to you, and what feels harmless because it’s gonna keep happening. Sometimes you just need to accept the harmless infringments upon your rights as a human being as a part of the job.

    Hope that made sense.

  16. Seglenda
    April 6th, 2005 22:25

    I don’t comment a whole lot, but I do sometimes. I feel so bad for you. I have thought about you all day. This is just awful. People should be ashamed of themselves! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t sit down with my cup of “nectur of the gods” with you every morning, and read what you have to say. I have been reading your blog for a long time, and I don’t know how it happens, but I feel like you really are a friend. It is weird how you get attached to a blog. You always have something to say, and a lot of it I totally relate too. You make me smile and sometimes giggle everyday. I know you need to be protected, so you do what you have to do. If you close this site, there will be lots of sad women! I love your blog. I am sorry that you have been hurt. (((hug)))

  17. Wendi
    April 6th, 2005 23:01

    Somehow…Somewhere…the idiots will pay for their evil ways…Karma always catches up with you!!!!

  18. Crystal
    April 6th, 2005 23:16

    I’m sorry that there are assholes, and here’s a big fuck you to everyone who says “Well, it *is* the internet, you should expect things like this!” because that isn’t helpful or supportive. I really don’t understand why people feel the need to be asses to SJ or any other blogger who is just minding their own business and entertaining us for free. Hey, it *is* the internet, so if you have a problem just go to another site!

  19. Sara
    April 7th, 2005 01:29

    I’m so sorry this has happened to you! I’ve meant to comment lately — what with the cancer scare and all. I’m happy that you’re healthy enough (even without nuts - HA!). I would just count your blessings the freaks don’t actually know your street address, right? Who are these people? Anyway, hope you don’t stop blogging, ’cause I like what you have to say and that girl of yours is so cute and you are so effing funny.

  20. Keira
    April 7th, 2005 03:58

    I still can’t believe someone did this to you, it is the lowest thing ever. I think you can tell by the amount of people who are here expressing their support and digust proves that a lot of people care. And hey, if you ever find out who did it, there are enough of us, from a wide variety of places to be able to kick their ass. Just say the word! x

  21. Paige
    April 7th, 2005 05:50

    Sadly, just about every blogger I know has had an experience that made them think that blogging was one of the worst mistakes they ever made. I know I have had several. I suppose for some people there is a moment where they say ‘fuck it, i’m doing this 100%’ or ‘fuck it, i give up’ or something like that.

    Lately I’ve been giving up - my mother in law found my blog, my MOM is commenting in ALL CAPS on a regular basis, and my neighbors recently discovered it and taped EVERY POST I MADE ABOUT THEM to doors in our building (you know, just so people could know how hilarious I am ;p).

    I can’t get motivated to write because it seems like my entire audience is either blood related or sworn enemy.

    I’d MURDER, however, if I saw pictures of myself or my son thrown up somewhere under someone else’s name or account. That makes me shudder. . . and no, I don’t think it’s over-reacting to bring up morals. We’re Texans, SJ, we know what decency is. haaa

    Hang in there.

  22. Tracy
    April 7th, 2005 06:24

    Everyone pretty much said what I wanted to say to you. So, I will just post this to you. I support any and all ways you feel you need to do in order to protect yourself and your family. I hope it will subside soon and maybe morals of people like this would either kill them or make them brain dead so life would be so much easier. (yeah right. Wishful thinking.)

    Just can’t understand what makes people do this kind of thing … crazy. Just crazy.

  23. honey bunny
    April 7th, 2005 07:48

    i won’t repeat what everyone has said as well, but i hope you kick the scum sucker’s ass! i do not tolerate lyers, cheaters, or theieves. i don’t understand why people think they can get away with things like this. it makes me so angry.

    and if you DO decide to password your site/ photos, just know that i think it’s a good decision. and i’ll still come visit. because punching in a few characters to read your stuff every day is totally worth it!! :)

  24. mrs meme
    April 7th, 2005 07:59

    People are idiots. Never forget that.
    I am sorry you had to learn this lesson the hard way, and hope you feel better soon!!

  25. Anna Banana
    April 7th, 2005 08:01

    I really hate that someone had to go and ruin it all for everyone. I’ve enjoyed reading you. It makes me wary to put up pictures of me new niece now. Maybe disabling right-click and save on my site will become a feature.
    I hope you find your solution and stop those idiots from ruining all the internet fun.

  26. Lauren
    April 7th, 2005 08:17

    i’m so sorry, i just wanted to send my best wishes to you. the feeling of violation always lasts so much longer than the action, i hope you find recover from both.

    your site rules though, it has made my day so many times, i would hate to lose it because of some assholes stupid choices.

  27. Bean
    April 7th, 2005 08:49

    It is completely disgusting that someone did this. I am truly sorry, you feelings are totally justified. Especially to take something as personal as those pictures. My heart breaks for you.

  28. Di
    April 7th, 2005 08:50

    It’s very sad when so many people get to this point because fucking IDIOTS are stealing precious pictures of babies and pregnancy, etc. Makes me sick.

  29. wdc
    April 7th, 2005 09:06

    This makes me sick. It’s just horrible that people need to hack pictures of someone else. Horrible.
    I am a loyal reader of SheNuts. You are the first blog I check each day (and throughout the day!). I hope that you realize there are many people who enjoy you and your writing. I know you bring a smile to my face every day. And you have given me hope for my boobs post pregnancy. That’s priceless.

  30. Jen from MD
    April 7th, 2005 09:18

    Please don’t leave us! I really enjoy your writing! Hang in there, you’re right, What goes around, comes around.

  31. Rebecca
    April 7th, 2005 10:14

    That really, really, sucks.

    How do people not know right from wrong? And WHY do people think that no one would notice those weren’t their pictures??

    But I guess you’re wondering the same questions huh?

  32. Jennifer
    April 7th, 2005 11:26

    Noooooooooo! You can’t password protect your site! This blog is only one of like three on the entire internet that I actually like!

    Why can’t the psychos rip off people whose blogs suck? It could actually be a community service sort of thing: if you blog about your five cats and what you ate for lunch we’re going to rip off your text and steal your photos and get you to shut down your blog.

    OK, I digress, but the point is that it would be a terrible tragedy if you took down this site.

  33. Vanessa
    April 7th, 2005 15:50

    I agree with every single word you wrote. If you publish a book and someone stupid steal your words and publish them somewhere else as their own, it’s called “plagiarism”. And guess what? The book is out there to be sold and read! Same with the internet. It might be “www” (as someone said ), but none has the right to steal your personal stuff (whatever it is) and use it as they want.

    I have thought about “restricting” my blog too, but the fun of blogging would be totally killed. I hope you don’t shut down this weblog, because I really enjoy your writings, but you know what you have to do in order to feel safer, so… whatever you decided do, it will be right.

  34. shelly
    April 8th, 2005 10:56

    Sorry but I feel like everyone is being a bit dramatic about all this.

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