Of blogs and blogging…

Last night, I went out with Miss Fab and a new guy, who we shall call Special K.

Both Miss Fab and Special K are bloggers. Do you know how great it is to go out with people who like to do the same things you do? When nobody else understands why you spend your time writing on the internet, other bloggers understand.

Even better when you talk to other bloggers? Blogging gossip. You can get all the good gossip if you talk to the right people.

These people can understand what’s going on. It feels good. Y even called me last night to make sure I was okay.


I’m doing good today. Surprisingly. I do have a busy day ahead but will be back this afternoon, hopefully with stories to share.

So let’s open it up to class participation time. If you had to meet another blogger, who would you want to meet and why?

26 Responses to “Of blogs and blogging…”

  1. tabitha
    March 9th, 2005 10:03

    I’d be way too self-conscious and weird to ever meet anyone I read. I tend to only read the blogs of those I’m in awe of… for their wit, for their strength, for their ability to self-edit. But besides that, you, of course!

  2. Di
    March 9th, 2005 10:28

    I ran across your blog a couple weeks ago via clicking around other blogs. Then I found out you used to live in Durham (I live in Raleigh) - cooool. I like your writing style, you’re quite amusing :)

    Did you work for the Herald-Sun? They were sold to some … other company or something in Kentucky and a whole shitload of people were fired just because they felt like firing people. Lame.

  3. Stacey
    March 9th, 2005 10:46

    Stacy (motor city bad kitty) cause I <3 her

    And you, cause I think you’d be fun.

    And Y, because she makes me laugh.

  4. LX Robotnik
    March 9th, 2005 11:04

    Here’s who:
    SJ, Antonia, La Depressionada, L’Emmerdeur, SAC, BwanaDick, Eurotrash, Ron (from The Corsair)…matter of fact; they’re all linked on my blog. That’s who I’d like to meet.

  5. kristine
    March 9th, 2005 11:10

    I want to meet Mrs. Strizzay & Pissy Britches. I want to hang out for a week with Home Detention lady (all links to these awesome women are on my site, just click me and they are the right)

  6. ginger
    March 9th, 2005 11:13

    I think a girls night out with You, Me, Stacey (non prom queen), and Yvonne would be so much fun.

  7. Wendi
    March 9th, 2005 11:28

    I’d want to meet Kristyk and Angie (moodymama)

  8. Corrie
    March 9th, 2005 11:37

    I would want to meet you, because you are cool and we could be snarky to people. I’d also want o meet Racheal (Lil Baby G), because she shaved her kids head too!

  9. Darla
    March 9th, 2005 11:48

    I have 5 blogs that I’m totally devoted to and I would like to meet each and everyone of them for one reason or another:

    Brian - Audience of One (sounds to me like a sexy guy)
    Mel - Actual Unretouched Photo ( preachers wife with good sense of humor)
    Dooce - love her wit and potty mouth attitude
    You - you sound like the younger version of myself only your more funny than I am.

  10. debutaunt
    March 9th, 2005 12:35

    Well of course, you, SJ. I’ve met Maisonpants - she rocks it. But I’d like to meet Em at Idontthink, Itssonotaboutyou, Missdirected, motorcitybadkitty, tenthmuse, bigpinkcookie, Autum of Autumville and verymom. Fussy. And this sexy dude at yagersoft.

    I’m sure there are others. I have like 13940813 people on my favorites.

  11. Cori
    March 9th, 2005 12:37

    Crystal(seeingdouble), dooce, you, Tish(tishthesharpwriter), and Jenn at Java Diva

    No particular order of course!

  12. Y
    March 9th, 2005 12:50


    Well, you of course, and thanks to larryFUCKINGelders, THAT never happened.

    Who else? Because, damn, I’ve met a lot of bloggers. And that totally wasn’t meant in a [myquotepicture]”bragging[/myquotepicture] way.

    LT at isnotchicago, because I love her and she loves jessica tandy.
    Erika at snazzykat because she’s my favorite liberal.
    sara at maxxipunk because we would get drunk and talk about eric neis.
    Chasmyn at purplegoddessinfrogpajamas because… just because I love her.
    and there are, like, 5 that i’d want to meet just so I could kick their asses, but I won’t name them here. I’ll tell you on the phone when we gossip.

  13. B
    March 9th, 2005 12:50


  14. Lish
    March 9th, 2005 12:54

    Beth from crazyus!

  15. Amanda
    March 9th, 2005 14:08

    The other day I was eating a burrito and I totally had a “it would be cool to eat burritos with SJ” moment. So you’re definitely on my list.

    Also, I read a blog by a woman who has 18 month old twins (same age as my kid) and just a month ago had another set of twins (pregnancy was intentional, twins were accidental). I’d love to go visit her and give her a break for an hour or two. (http://paulnlaura.com/lalagirl/weblog.php)

    I’ve met Mindy (themommyblog) and my current new best friend was a fellow livejournaler. It’s weird, though, because when you get together with bloggers you often end up repeating things you’ve already written about. God I need new material.

  16. Dawn
    March 9th, 2005 14:19

    I would meet SJ, Y, Dooce, Kristie (Kristilicious), Mimi Smartypants, Finslippy, Jay (Jay’s Place), Genuine, Mikey (Hey Freak).

  17. di
    March 9th, 2005 14:28

    I would like to meet you, Dooce and Beth from crazyus! And this is too cool - there’s another Di from Raleigh who has commented on this post. WOW.

  18. Christina
    March 9th, 2005 14:58

    See you and Dooce would be the ultimate. But, I know what would happen. I would turn into a quivering mass of human jello and mumble things like, “gosh I love you so much.” and then I would just have to die.

  19. Kellie
    March 9th, 2005 15:31

    I would meet my favorite blogger SJ. I am hoping to anyway when I get to Texas. I would love to meet Heather (dooce), but I would have more diarrhea of the mouth than she admits to having and I think it might be a very non-productive meeting.

  20. Y
    March 9th, 2005 15:42

    Someone called you “The Ultimate.”

    I will refer to you as that from this day forward.

  21. perl
    March 9th, 2005 16:23

    You (of course), Dooce, MimiSmartypants, and Melissa of Suburbanbliss fame. I would like to have (lots of) drinks with all of you. Hope Grandpa is doing well and will be going home soon.

  22. Tammy
    March 9th, 2005 17:20

    Wow. I want to meet all the ones from my blogroll, but I guess top of the list would be Krissy from filegirl, you (but you’re a bit scary) and Mamacita from scheissweekly.

  23. Texas T-bone
    March 10th, 2005 10:23

    I’ll meet with any blogger who will feed me green beans and let me crash on the couch for the night.

  24. frogstar
    March 10th, 2005 15:48

    well i’d meet michelle of the jamjar… because i’ve been having morning coffee with her online for ages, and it’d be totally great to have face to face coffee. she’s fantastic.

  25. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch
    March 10th, 2005 16:11

    Maricar, dooce, getupgrrl, tertia from soclose, karen from the naked ovary, milenka, DaBrettman and Y.

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