The inner beast decides to blog

Yesterday, I laid on the couch all day long. Every time The Hubs asked me what was wrong, I answered with “tired, frustrated and bored.” Tired: I wanted a nap. Frustrated: I felt like kicking butt. Bored: I was tired and frustrated with the same ol’ everyday.

After a day of the blahs, I went to bed. Usually, I wake up the next morning and everything is fine. I still feel the same way today. Perhaps not to the extreme as yesterday, but I feel tired and agitated.

You know something is wrong when you suggest having six babies so you can be on Extreme Home Makeover and get a big, fancy house.

Big fancy house? Excitement!

I think my hormones are changing back into their pre-baby phase. Since I’m mostly not doing the boob thing anymore, I guess all those hormones are going byebye. I guess the inner beast is getting released.


Since I’m on the topic of being bored, what is up with all my regular blog reads? It seems as if everyone is half-assing it these days, being too busy to sit down and write a damn post. I’m GLAD that you have a life and things that are more exciting than blogging. But I don’t, damnit.

I need entertainment. Just to show you how boring I really am and why I need for YOU to entertain me, I am going to give you a rundown of my daily life.

Choose one:
2, 5 or 6am: Ellie may or may not wake up. I get up. Bring her to bed with us to feed her. She claws me with her sharp little nails.

One hour later: I wake up. Ellie is asleep next to me. I get up and bring her back to bed.

6:30-7am: Ellie wakes up. I bring her to bed. After chilling for a little while, she starts climbing all over us. I get up and bring her back to her bed. I go back to bed and sleep until she screams for me to get her. I go to the couch, watch the Today show and try to stay awake. Check email.

9:30am: Nap time for the kid. Screaming continues for anywhere from 5-30 minutes. I drink coffee, read blogs. Get upset that nobody blogs anymore. Take quick shower. Think about what I can write today.

10am: The View is on. Get bored after Hot Topics. Fall asleep on couch.

This is possibly the most boring part of the day as I just sit around going “huh?” I read more blogs. Get bored again. Sometimes I eat lunch.

2pm: Sit and be fit is on. I half-ass it. The kid SHOULD be sleeping right now.

3pm: Dr. Phil.

4pm: Oprah. I scream at the women in the audience.

5pm: The Hubs comes home. I give him looks when he says he needs to go to the bathroom. We go on a walk.

6-7pm: Will the kid ever go to sleep? Will her teeth ever stop hurting her?

8-9pm: We wake the kid up and feed her. Bathe her. Give her a bottle. Put her in bed.

10pm: Hubs tells me to go to bed.

11pm: I get in bed. Try and drag the going to bed process out.

11:30pm: Compose blog entries in my head.

11:45pm: Fall asleep.

11:46pm: Ellie wakes up. Repeat entire process.

That’s my day in a nutshell. Anytime there is a “bored” period, insert “check email” and “read blogs.”

31 Responses to “The inner beast decides to blog”

  1. tabitha
    March 7th, 2005 11:49

    I’m commenting because … well, I don’t even know if I know why. I don’t have the luxury of getting bored anymore. I know.. luxury? But seriously, the grass is always greener. There has to be a happy medium, doesn’t there? Soon enough, Ellie will be talking to you and then you have complex discussions regarding existentialism and poop. I shouldn’t be allowed to comment on Monday mornings.

  2. MB
    March 7th, 2005 11:51

    Holy crap. The kid’s schedule is a little different, but that is exactly how i’ve been spending my days, down to “compose blog entries in my head.”

    And by the time I wake up, I’ve forgotten whatever clever entry it was, anyway. Do you?

  3. kristine
    March 7th, 2005 12:20

    I don’t know if I’m a daily read, but I put forth some half awake effort. It was heartfelt…I can give you that.

  4. Tuesdayef
    March 7th, 2005 12:23

    You pretty much have the same life as I do. Mine is peppered with barking orders at me since now the babies are talking. I am hoping once the weather gets nicer to meet some Moms, maybe even make a friend.
    I dare to dream.

  5. Em
    March 7th, 2005 12:34

    I am so with you. I have to say, though, the feeling gets worse and worse if I don’t get out of the house. Problem: New England in the winter, no where to go and if there was it would be covered in snow. Or mud. Sometimes, I have to just put the kids in the car and drive, knowing they are strapped down and may even fall asleep + a little sunlight makes a big difference. Until the next day.

  6. pamplemousse
    March 7th, 2005 13:07

    why don’t you read a book or try to find a hobby? or has this been covered somewhere already?

  7. LX Robotnik
    March 7th, 2005 13:10

    Stay in the game. It reads like that for us too. But…it’s March already. Kid is going to be 1 soon. Next thing….she’ll be asking to buy her a car.

    Also…watchu mean there are no new entries? I write one or two just about every day. Aaaah…but you don’t read my blog, do you?


  8. cathi
    March 7th, 2005 13:18

    I know exactly how this feels. It does get better once the kid is mobile and fun — opportunity for many more outings.

  9. perl
    March 7th, 2005 13:29

    once again, right there with you. i’m currently hanging out, reading blogs, and constantly refreshing a page on a message board to see if anyone’s replied to my question/comment. waiting for baby to wake up from his am nap so we can ummm - i don’t know what. if all goes well and according to plan I will venture out to Target sometime today. big fucking deal. and pamplemousse - that is an awesome name - when we went to france that was the synonym for vagina. and it sounds like that particular pamplemousse might need something in hers. baaahahaha!

  10. Lisa
    March 7th, 2005 13:34

    Oh - the part about “11:45 fall asleep, 11:46 baby wakes up” cracks me up… it is SO the same at my house - what is it about babies that their little brains can click in from the other end of the house “Oh, mommy just fell asleep, better wake her up to drink mama milk!”

  11. pamplemousse
    March 7th, 2005 13:36

    good one perl!

  12. SuzanH
    March 7th, 2005 13:37

    I know the feeling. I’ve done it for 8 years (oh, god, I can’t believe it) and I’m now looking for a job and there are actually times I wonder if I wouldn’t be happier just staying at home–but that usually happens when I’ve had a sucky interview for a crap job.

    That gaping maw of tedium–that’s what kills you. That first year of baby when NO ONE you know has a kid or stays home, that sucks. I remember going to Gymboree only because I’d be able to see other people. My daughter spent the whole time playing with everyone’s shoes. Way to spend a hundred bucks.

    Also, I write almost every day! I’m even moderately amusing sometimes.

  13. suze
    March 7th, 2005 14:00

    hi. a lurker coming out of the shadows here. i hate that residual blah-ness. can’t say i relate to the exact schedule, not having a wee one yet, but the “get bored, surf blogs…” certainly relates. it’s also a matter of “have assignment to start so surf blogs…”, “have exam to study for, so surf blogs…” “bf pisses me off, so surf blogs and eat chocolate.” that sort of stuff…
    i think being stir crazy is a pretty common state. i also believe it is the source from which most blogging springs.

  14. Kelly
    March 7th, 2005 14:26

    You stole my so called life!

  15. Darla
    March 7th, 2005 14:29

    I feel the same after I come home from work, so I guess either way we’re all screwed. I would prefer to stay home and be bored!

  16. Megan Denise
    March 7th, 2005 14:44

    First time commenter, here. I know alot of these comments so far have agreed with you, but I just want to add some advice. Take it or leave it. I stay home with my baby, who is a few months older then yours. I have had a few days where I have been bored/depressed/frustrated, and I really have to make an effort to stay out of that rut. Try to get out of the house at least once a day if not more, even if it’s just to go to the store, or to the mall and walk around. Turn the TV off and listen to music or NPR. Make a “To Do” list everyday, even if it’s really lame stuff, like “Go to mall to walk around,” by giving yourself something to cross off at the end of the day, you will feel like you accomplished something. Try cooking new recipes a few times a week. I know is sounds corny, but it gives me something to look forward to and my husband loves it. I hope I didn’t come across sounding bossy, I just really wanted to help, I have to make an effort everyday, and I feel really good when I do. Otherwise I would probably just stay in my pajamas. Hang in there!

  17. Angie
    March 7th, 2005 14:48

    Perhaps you should take time to learn another language? Teach yourself to play a musical instrument. Learn C++. Tonz of things out there, pick one. Or, considering going into business for yourself. What would you like to do?

  18. debutaunt
    March 7th, 2005 15:13

    Oh girl. I have the solution forrrrr you! Wake up every morning and put on a dress and hose and heels. Make sure you pack your husbands lunch for work. And be sure to have his dinner on the table as soon as he gets home every day. And a little bit of naughtiness to wear for that special *fun* time at night with your sweetie.

    There’s nothing like some strenous house cleaning for some cardio. Who needs the gym when you’ve got a house to clean.

    Bahahahaha. I can’t type this with a straight face.

    Ok, fuckers. Blog. I am having a hard time finding work to do at the office today. Do you all know how hard it is to fake work? Sheesh!

  19. NinaKaye
    March 7th, 2005 15:41

    I feel that way a lot. My husband will say, “What’s wrong?” “I’m tired.” He’s all “why are you so tired?” “I’m tired of being a mother and maid…it’s getting old, you fucker!!” heh I feel better a few days later. It comes and goes depending on how the days before have been. The sucky thing here is, even if I do get bored enough to leave the house, I don’t have a car to go anywhere, and the mall (and any other shopping establishment) is 35 miles away. I’m literally stuck at home all day while my husband is at work. I recently started reading some, and it seems to help the times when people aren’t blogging. I’ll have a job soon…then I’ll be wishing I was bored at home again. hehe

  20. Corrie
    March 7th, 2005 15:41

    I am not sure if I am lucky enough to be a daily read or not, but I have really awesome blog entries in my head, but then they fall out an hour after i have played Rescue Heros or blocks for the zillionth time. I do have a great story about my old job and my stupid-ass secretary from hell and Hummers. I am planning on blogging about it, as soon as my husband does not hog the computer. He’s a shit head.

  21. LX Robotnik
    March 7th, 2005 15:57

    These fathers better get going on helping out–so much resentment against the working Dad. Gotta agree, though. Tough working 9 hrs. /day…tougher still taking care of a baby. Get moving, help out. I’m amazed how many wives don’t get any kind of help, or half-ass help. Damn, we men suck big time balls. It’s a wonder you all don’t just go straight for the sperm bank.


  22. PinkStiletto
    March 7th, 2005 17:10

    How about enlightening us with your daily reads list?

  23. PinkStiletto
    March 7th, 2005 17:11

    What I meant to say was, how about enlightening us with a list of who on your daily reads is half-assing it so we can go harass. You know, on your behalf.

  24. Lisa
    March 7th, 2005 17:50

    I think I check blogs about as often as you do, and I actually am at work. But really, everything is as boring or interesting as you make it. Sometimes I resign myself to be bored to death writing daily stories (yup, I’m a 20-something journalist too). Other times I kick it up a notch and propose a project or something actually interesting and I always end up wishing it was over so I could get some sleep. My perfect pace would be hectic two days, boring two days, repeat endlessly.

  25. Brandi
    March 7th, 2005 18:20

    I think that you should read my blog, SJ. I can’t link you here, because my friend also reads your site (I’m an anonymous blogger), but e-mail me and I’ll reply it to you! I update every day and am a desperate housedaughter. Anyway, I also suggest taking artistic photos with the digital camera of yourself with the self-timer. That one always works for me.

  26. Beth
    March 7th, 2005 19:20

    It may sound corny, but playgroups get you out of the house, and yes, you can even get babies together to play because (shh…big secret here) playgroups are at least 75% for mommies! Go to Matching Moms and sign up to find moms in your area. If that doesn’t work, look at the library, church, or just go to the park with the kiddo in the stroller and shoot the breeze with the moms there. For unplanned outings, going at 3:00 or so is a good idea because a lot of moms take their kids to the park after school. My son is four now, but when he was a baby I put him in the stroller and took walks, took him with me to restaurants, Mommy-and-me yoga (for a little while, until he started to pull things off the wall and play with the stereo), the library, the mall (you can walk the mall by pretending to window-shop)…everywhere. I was going nuts being home with him all the time, so going anywhere was an improvement. It gets better, believe me, but you do have to keep at it because obviously not every outing is going to do it for you, ya know? Hang in there.

  27. christine
    March 7th, 2005 19:34

    FOr what its worth, I haven’t watched “the view” or anything else during the day for about 40 weeks. From the time the babies get up till the time they go to bed its Noggin or Elmo. So at least you can point at me laughing and say “damn, I’m glad I’m not HER!”

  28. Heatheranne
    March 7th, 2005 19:48

    Your day is very similar to mine, when I’m not at work. I work part time, meaning 2 to 3 days a week, 3 weeks a month. I have no outside life. I have no drinking buddies, I get all of the current news and gossip online and I sit around most of the day reading blogs. What fun!

    I try to blog as often as I can. I usually don’t have much to talk about because of my boring life. Wasn’t sure if you read mine or not. I’ll try to blog more though, just for you. ;)

  29. Veronica
    March 7th, 2005 20:34

    Okay, you’re gonna think I’m nuts for saying this…but have your ever thought about picking up a part-time babysitting gig?

    Some secret reasons why moms babysit while they stay at home:
    1. Someone else to play with your kid for you.
    2. Another adult (other than the hubs) to talk to face to face at least twice per day (pick up and drop off).
    3. When you kid is that young, sometimes even a verbal 3-year-old can be good company.
    4. Extra spending money means you can out to eat for more than just free burritos.

    Food for thought!

  30. jenB
    March 7th, 2005 21:21

    this was a great post. for reals. i have been wondering what other moms do. i am inspired and may do a similar post.

  31. Texas T-bone
    March 8th, 2005 11:16

    Maybe you need some new blog reads.

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