Interview with a journalist

I asked for it, and a few of you answered. I’ll post my answers here and if I get more questions, I’ll add them along.

Why did you decide to become a journalist? And, why are you working where you work? Why features?—
—I fell into Journalism by accident. I worked on my college paper and ended up covering the Bonfire tragedy. I then was able to outscoop all the papers in the nation and get a story that no one else was able to do. My mom told me I had to get a job at Christmas and I worked at a local paper. I ended up liking it and here I am. FEATURES? Because they’re the best. I hate writing “news.”

What makes you decide on the stories you write? Are most of them assigned by management/supervision or are you expected to ferret out interesting tales yourself. I know there is a mixture, but what is more prevalent and which do you prefer?
–I pick the majority of my stories. I am usually told if i have to write a certain type, such as food. But, I usually pick the topic. Sometimes they tell me to do a certain story and those are usually on deadline. I prefer to pick my own stories. I find a lot of my stories in the Net. I literally surf to net for ideas while at work.

In one of your side columns, you say that you have finished a novel. Well, that’s a great accomplishment and I’m very happy for you. Might you possible indulge us/me in what it’s about? Are you in the process of getting it published? If I buy a copy once it is printed and send it to you, will you autograph it and send it back?
–The novel is basically (I have to make this short b/c of space) about a girl who commits suicide and the events that follow. I know it’s very vague, but there’s a lot of twists and turns in the story. I’m waiting for mom/friend/mother in law to send it back to me, I’ll reedit and then look for an agent. I already have names written down. So, I’m looking for an agent. A good agent. An agent who will sell my book for lots of $$. And yes, I will autograph it. But I’m going to use yet another pen name. It’s not the Sarcastic Journalist, either.

Another question I had was about your husband. How did you two meet? Is he a writer too? Did he propose or did you? How?
–I met my hubby on Valentines Day 2000. We were both studying (something we rarely did in college) and he sneezed. Yes, really. Turns out we’re from the same city, knew the same people and lived really close to each other. He proposed on Aug. 19, 2001 (2 years ago–tomorrow!) in Seattle. Basically, he surprised me while i was on vacation with my Mom. He showed up in the space needle while I was eating brunch and proposed. No, he’s not a writer. He’s a scientist.

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