Its called stress medicine for a reason

Ugg. I’m out of “stress medicine.” That means that I can feel that tight pain in my chest as I sit here at work, procrastinating.
I’m currently on hold with Major Medical Hospital as I contact their billing services about my bill. Seems as if they actually want me to PAY!

I called in and got one of those computers that sound like a person who is supposed to answer your questions. They never do. You’re supposed to say your account number clearly.

Well, it turns out she doesnt like the sound of me sighing. She’s all “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you. Please repeat.”

She also doesn’t like it when I mutter the F-word. Then I yell again at computer voice woman, and then my boss thinks i"m talking to him. So then he’s all “Did you say something?” While computer woman says she still doesn’t understand me.

Finally I hit 0 and get told it will be over 30 minutes until I can speak to a person. They must have like 1 person working in major medical university. I might just scream.

I need my medicine. I need to not be here. I’m about to go postal. They say they thank me for my patience. Do they really??? NOOOOO.


  1. A buddy of mine thought he was having a heart attack a few weeks ago, but the doctor said it was stress. Hope you can iron out your medical woe soon before you kill someone.

    Comment by Texas T-Bone — 8/18/2003 @ 2:37 pm

  2. An ingenius concept by your doctors: Stress callers out even more so they have to continue to receive treatment, which in turn = bling bling in their pockets!! Hang in there and when you finally get a real person on the phone - throw a little stress THEIR way. (grin)
    BTW, I’m a first-time visitor to your site. Awesome. And, I’m a journalist too for a sports department SOMEWHERE in the U.S. (grin)

    Comment by James — 8/18/2003 @ 2:41 pm

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