The journalists go marching one by one

Okay. So today is my first full day after Friday’s evaluation.

Remember? I don’t smile enough? So I’ve been busy putting on fake smiles all morning long, while secretly thinking in my head “You dumb assholes. Fake smile this.”

I’ve tried to ignore our overweight food writer (who loves hot dogs) as he yells into the phone (it seems as if he thinks he’s not doing his job if everyone in a 30-mile radius can’t hear him.)

If I walk past a boss, I now offer a fake “hello” along with my fake plastered smile. The only problem is I keep finding stupid things on the internet that make me want to gag.

So, I’m trying to only read HAPPY things (such as strippers running for governor in california) so I’ll be smiley and happy all day long.


  1. Another office stereotype. We have a media relations guy that sits about one cubicle over from me that seems to complete all personal business by calling on the phone, demanding refunds and elevating his gripes to management. I have heard him say things like, “I am the customer here and remember, the customer is always right.”

    Aren’t you glad you don’t work in the service industry? :D

    Comment by Athena — 8/18/2003 @ 4:03 pm

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