Oh baby, punch my buttons

I really don’t understand those commericials about dating phone services. I mean, really. Does anyone think the person at the other end of the line is going to be hot?

It’s always some pretty woman who is like “I’ve tried the bars but it was horrible. Now I sit at home at night and I’m happy!”

Lets say how it really is:

“I used to go to the bars, but now I sit at home and talk to some 50-year-old married nerd who is wanking it while we make idle chit chat. But its okay, because i’m really obese and am covered head to toe in warts!”

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  1. rules for backgammon
    April 4th, 2005 20:04

    rules for backgammon
    Ours is a culture of premature ejaculation…. by free internet backgammon

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