Excuse me while I master bake.

This is another one of those posts where I have a few ideas floating in my head, though none of them are really good enough to deserve a post all to their own.

So, first, I shall show you my skills. I’ve got mad skills, yo.

I am a master baker. Please watch me master bake. Do not master bake in front of the children.

Yes, that’s right. I’m taking a cake decorating class! And I made a rainbow! And a cake that says “pony” because I didn’t feel like writing anyone’s name on my cake. So, today, The Hubs brought a rainbow cake to work with the word “pony” written on it.

Do I smell a promotion?

Okay, I have another thought that has been floating in my mind for quite some time now and I feel the need to share. This whole “fired” thing. People are getting fired for their blogs. Everywhere I look, it’s like “so and so was fired” and I’m all “been there, done that, got the pink slip.”

For some reason, the extreme hate that consumed me has diminished. Of course I still dislike the newspaper that fired me and I extremely dislike the person who did it. But? For some reason, I don’t feel the need to claw someone’s eyes out when I think of it. I can deal.

I made a mistake. I screwed up. Sure, they could have gone about it in a different way, but what’s a girl to do? You can’t do anything about it. In the end, things worked out better for me, anyway.

But there’s another person who got fired that doesn’t seem to get it. You MADE A MISTAKE. You did something that the company deemed not approperiate. I’m not saying that you deserved to get fired but they had every right to fire you. They are the employer, you were the employee and you pissed them off.

But instead of moving on and learning from the experience, this person is becoming a media whore. Screaming about lawsuits and starting committees and all this hoopla. I’m so tired of hearing about this person, as if he/she is the first person to ever get fired.

I’ve been there and I know how hard it is to deal. Hell, I was heavily pregnant and “off the meds” at the time. I was miserable. But? You learn to deal. You pick up the pieces and learn from your mistakes.

Continuing on with the whining isn’t solving anything. Admit to your mistake. I know it is hard, but move on!


24 Responses to “Excuse me while I master bake.”

  1. Curly Girl
    January 21st, 2005 11:26

    THAT is so cute! i love it! i’m so glad you’re taking that class.

  2. LX Robotnik
    January 21st, 2005 11:39

    Who is this media whore? Send me an email if you don’t want to post it.

  3. becky
    January 21st, 2005 12:05

    Yes, who is this media whore person? I’m intrigued–and it’s Friday and I need something to read at work.
    Also, very pretty cake!

  4. Lujza
    January 21st, 2005 12:07

    Mmmm, that cake looks yummy! Do you ship to Canada? :)

    Have a good one!

  5. megan
    January 21st, 2005 12:16

    are you referring to that delta girl?

    (Editor’s Note: Link deleted because, well, I just don’t do that here.)

  6. Heatheranne
    January 21st, 2005 12:32

    Yep, gotta know who the media whore is. Really it could be just about anyone. It seems like everyone has been fired because of their blog. Like it’s become a new hot trend or something. Hmmm. I work for my father-in-law, in an orthodontist office. I decided a long time ago that it wouldn’t be a good idea to post about work because 1. It would be really awkward to face the father-in-law and 2. I could talk about the stupid things our patients do, but there could be a lawsuit in that if any of them found my blog.You have me curious now.

  7. Louise
    January 21st, 2005 12:32

    Yes! I have an IDEA who it might be, but email me too… please?

  8. Sarcastic Journalist
    January 21st, 2005 13:39

    Okay internet. I’d love to email everyone but you know, I’ve got this kid and she has these things that seem like teeth coming in. And there’s a bunch of people who would really like their baked goods in 2005.

    One word: Google.

    And also? I’m not naming names because it really isn’t nice to see that someone has linked to you and then talked crap about you.

    So let’s all play nice, or as nice as one can play when gossiping.

  9. Jessica
    January 21st, 2005 13:43

    I wish I was fired for something as cool as my blog. Sadly, they used the excuses that I wasn’t doing my work (I did more work than anyone in that office), that I was on the phone all the time (Uh, hello? That was my job. I was a customer service rep.), and that I was always on the internet (guilty of that one, but I still did more work than anyone). Oh well, payback is a bitch and that company is going under.

    I need to go google that media whore now. :-D

  10. Corrie
    January 21st, 2005 14:37

    Holy Cake! Impressive. Is Martha Stewart out of the can yet? You could totally take over her empire. I have to go google media whore.

  11. LX Robotnik
    January 21st, 2005 15:22

    If you google “Media Whore” you’ll get an entry for Armstrong Williams. Bwa-hahahahaha (hoping people who read this blog know who he is and why he’s in hot water lately).

    Also, I’m “bwa-ha-ha” -ing because I used to work with this swine.

  12. GranolaSpice
    January 21st, 2005 16:49

    BRILLIANT! I am totally going to make cakes for my man to take to work. I think they’ll say things like, “i’m gay, bitches back off” and also maybe something like “pony”!

  13. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch
    January 21st, 2005 18:35

    Hee. Master Bake. hee

  14. Lila
    January 21st, 2005 19:54

    does pony mean the same in America as it does in England?

  15. Sarcomical
    January 21st, 2005 21:03

    i bet that cake was all rainbow-chip inside. heehee. i think you should totally do one with your porn star boob on it that he can take to work and make all the guys jealous and the girls all respect you - or be really intimidated by you.


  16. Auty
    January 21st, 2005 23:50

    Nice cake. And oh my god! Make sure you have a disclaimer stating that you weren’t talking about Dooce because HOLY SHIT you cannot dis Dooce! It’s an internet sin.

  17. sadie
    January 22nd, 2005 10:38

    It was all up in the air wasn’t it?

  18. mace
    January 22nd, 2005 11:19

    I can honestly say I never master bake.

  19. LX Robotnik
    January 22nd, 2005 11:24

    Who the feck is Dooce?

  20. Texas T-bone
    January 23rd, 2005 12:16

    Man, my blog’s not even “fireworthy.” :-( boo hoo

  21. nine
    January 23rd, 2005 22:44

    i master bake all the time, yo!

    (and i know which media whore you are talking about - they are rather pathetic in my humble opinion and their firing really had very little to do with having a blog.)

    yay cake!!

  22. Carol
    January 25th, 2005 12:21

    I can’t get fired for anything I do. I’m self-employed. Waaahhhh!!!! I want to be a media whore, too. Dammit.

    Oh wait — I guess I could air my clients’ dirty laundry in public — that might do it.


  23. Rebecca
    January 25th, 2005 14:09

    Bee-u-tiful cake. You have mad cake-making skills, yo.

    Ok, I’m done with the 16 year old talk now.

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