Questions comments? Talk behind my back, please.

I just got evaluated. My boss didn’t say I slack off too much. Overall, I’m doing an 8.5/10 which isn’t too bad.

The real fun part of the evaluation was other’s perceptions of me. Turns out that nobody likes me. Ok, well, nobody of importance likes me. Yeah. The bosses. They don’t like my humor, my sarcasam, my funny comments.

My boss says I’m energetic. He thinks I liven up the newsroom. Others think not so and basically want me to smile and pretend to be an ass kisser like everyone else.

Can’t we all tell how excited I am? I’m surprised I didn’t cry, even though I thought I felt tears coming on at one point. It’s a bunch of bureaucracy. It’s so stupid. Why do I have to be like everyone else? Why do I have to check my brain at the door and become a mindless cubicle dwelling drone like everyone else?

6 Responses to “Questions comments? Talk behind my back, please.”

  1. Texas T-Bone
    August 15th, 2003 15:12

    Not all newspapers are like that, but most of them are. The old farts are afraid of change or anyone who rocks the boat. The people they like are just like them, and will probably not change careers. So it’s an endless supply of red-tape lovin’ morons at the top.

    The whole thing isn’t conducive to getting clear, creative and accurate writing that keeps people yearning to read it.

  2. keol
    August 15th, 2003 16:57

    I think that it is really cool that you are still acting like yourself at work instead of some kiss-ass. Most people would have given up.

  3. Southern Gal
    August 16th, 2003 12:49

    Keep your chin up! I have been there and lived through it regardless of what others have said!

  4. Earl Hoffert
    August 18th, 2003 15:47

    It’s not like that at every newspaper. I’ve worked in newsrooms that are crazy, chaotic, and fun, and others that are more like a dentist’s office, minus the nitrous oxide. Unfortunately, I suspect the latter ones far outnumber the former.

    Hang in there. Your personality will eventually bubble up through your clips, if it hasn’t already, and you’ll get hired by someone who appreciates writers with a creative bent — or at least thinks that they do. Of course, that’s an entirely different problem…

  5. Athena
    August 18th, 2003 16:11

    typical. I get the ‘does not play well with others’ tag myself and trust me, I am being sooo nice compared to what my mind is screaming at me.

    Just grit your teeth, pretend it is a grin and look forward to a beer when you get home.

    Grit and bear it until the novel is done. Good Luck!

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    April 4th, 2005 19:59

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