What they don’t tell you in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

You know you’re a parent when you sniff your child’s bare crotch and say “Yup. We should probably clean down there.”

12 Responses to “What they don’t tell you in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.””

  1. MollieBee
    January 12th, 2005 16:04

    Eww, but true. I remember the first time I saw one of my friends check his kid’s diaper by smelling her butt. It was so traumatic. But as a mom, I learned it is an invaluable skill.

  2. Army of Mom
    January 12th, 2005 16:30

    *chuckling* We ALL do that. I did it today and then I looked around like a pick-pocket hoping no one noticed.

  3. Curly Girl
    January 12th, 2005 16:43

    ewww! baby crotch!

  4. lexagirl
    January 12th, 2005 16:59

    How about wiping your baby’s nose with your own sleeve - how’s that for pure sacrifice?

  5. jenB
    January 12th, 2005 17:42

    yeah, we do all those things. we are always sniffing her ass. a general smell is just no adequate. you have to get right in there.

  6. Texas T-bone
    January 12th, 2005 17:46

    We usually do a visual because having a 2-year-old equals near-adult outputs of poo. Having a boy is nice because there are fewer crevices in which to hide said poo.

  7. Muppet
    January 12th, 2005 17:53

    Girl, I’ve been doing the diaper-sniffing thing since I was thirteen (lots of babysitting). How else are you going to get such an immediate poop indication? :)

  8. Angie
    January 12th, 2005 17:54

    We don’t share this news with moms-to-be cause really, if more people knew, the world population would drop drastically. :)

  9. LX Robotnik
    January 12th, 2005 17:55

    Angie, share it with China.

  10. Brian
    January 12th, 2005 18:11

    I’m a dad with two girls. First time I ended up with poop in crevaces where it didn’t belong I too consulted the “what to Expect Books”. They were painfully lacking. We ended up in the kitchen sink with the dish sprayer - washing out poop from parts.

  11. amanda
    January 13th, 2005 13:16

    My husband and I actually have a rule that we have to smell the crotch after changing a poop - just to make sure we didn’t miss a spot. Smell is a much stronger indicator than sight!

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    April 4th, 2005 22:32

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