You can thank me later.

Since I will be spending part of my day dragging my old grandpa all over town, I leave you with this:


Remember to turn the volume up really loud!

5 Responses to “You can thank me later.”

  1. Gweny
    January 10th, 2005 23:50

    Is it weird that I was totally rocking out to that?

  2. Auty
    January 11th, 2005 03:41

    Ok…so like the viking helmet was so COOL. :)

  3. LX Robotnik
    January 11th, 2005 08:45

    SJ, this is the same site which brought us those weird rats/moles-type thangs who sang: “We Love De Moon”

  4. Very Mom
    January 12th, 2005 14:16

    Is it wrong that I showed my two kids that? Jake is singing, “I’ve got something to put IN you!”

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