Let the media onslaught begin.

Brad and Jen: The Way They Were brought to you by USA Today.

Kind of makes you vomit in your mouth a little. Right?

8 Responses to “Overexposure.”

  1. Ninotchka
    January 10th, 2005 17:08

    OH give me just a SMALL break. I mean, really people. You’d think they were dead. I feel bad for a marriage lost since I’m such a believer in the institution but come on….

  2. gem
    January 10th, 2005 17:12

    Seriously - I was out with friends for dinner last night and could not believe the way two of my bright, intelligent girlfriends were so upset and shocked about it… I came into the conversation mid-stream and assumed they were discussing a couple who they knew personally!

  3. Jessica
    January 10th, 2005 17:18

    I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again….they split up because he is homosexual. Seriously. :-D

  4. Poppy
    January 10th, 2005 18:48

    Well. That was just …

    Touching? No, that’s not it.

    Bittersweet? No, no that’s not it, either.

    Completely and totally uncalled for?

    Yeah, that’s what I’m looking for.

    Does USA Today not realize that we’re, like, in a war or something? Or that, like, a bunch of people in Asia, like, died and stuff recently?

  5. LX Robotnik
    January 10th, 2005 21:32

    “Died and stuff…”

  6. Becky
    January 10th, 2005 22:59

    Do you know that my husband, who is in LOVE with Jennifer Aniston, came almost SKIPPING into the bedroom on Saturday morning and WOKE ME UP to show me the headline?? Freak. I told him “Oh, I’m SURE she heard about you, and that did it for her and Brad!”

    God. But of course now Tom Cruise AND Jennifer Aniston are single. Hub and I might just need to…go exploring!! *wink*

  7. LX Robotnik
    January 11th, 2005 08:46

    I thought Tom Cruise was gay. Wait a second…when you mean exploring, who are you thinking of pairing up with?


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