Encounters with the salesman

I’m sitting here as one of those vaccum salesman vaccums our living room floor.

Seriously. Somehow my husband let him in and now he’s pulling up our carpet fibers with the vaccum. Our house is a mess, since we just got back from vacation. He’s vaccuming around our crap. Its very uncomfortable.
We’re not buying this vaccum.
He says he has to do three of these before he can go home for the day.
I think its time for him to go home. I didn’t know they had people who ACTUALLY DO THIS.

Okay, the vaccum costs $2100. I’m not shitting you. Its a good vaccum..but that much money??? He gets credited for the number of “pads” he uses to vaccum but he knows we wont buy it. So he’s just vaccuming what he can in our messy ass house. We got a free bed cleaning. Part of the couch vaccumed. So, he’s packing up and is sad because we won’t buy it. But we got a free bottle of windex! woo hoo! score one for SJ!

4 Responses to “Encounters with the salesman”

  1. Busy Mom
    August 15th, 2003 01:57

    Oh yes, they do. One time I was with a friend who has long hair and a beard (kind of mountain man looking)and this sales guy came up to my friend’s cabin. During the presentation, the salesman was talking about how strong it is and he was going to jump up and down on it.

    My friend and I got the same idea and (with a very fake affected accent)asked me to go in the other room and get the shotgun and we’d see how strong it was. I went in the other room and by the time I came back to say just kidding, he was gone.

  2. Allison
    August 15th, 2003 13:28

    See, my mother in law would have bought the damn thing from him. She thinks that she has to have the highest quality household appliances. She has one vacuumn cleaner that cost around $1000 and a few months ago she bought an ORECK because it was only 8 pounds! Woo hoo. She’s 77 years old living in this huge house alone buying outrageously expensive shit. Then she lectures us on being on a budget.

  3. Texas T-Bone
    August 15th, 2003 16:41

    People still do that! In fact, I think the only way you can buy a Kirby vacuum is from a door-to-door salesman.

    I was renting a crappy house in a run-down neighborhood once, and they knocked on my door to set up an appointment for later. They came, and I had them steam-clean my largest room (for free). Then they told me the thing was $1600. Um, what? Do you see where I live? I work for the freakin’ newspaper! I don’t have $1600!

    Later, I heard the high-powered engines burn out easily. My $80 Hoover still sucks � maybe not as well � but it’s good enough for us!

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