Life by the Numbers

24: Number of muffins I baked last night.
1.5: Number of months I’ve given myself to get all my recipes ready for baking business.
55: Number of minutes I walked this afternoon.
82: Number of degrees the weather is right now. Somebody shoot me.
2: Number of sweaty boobies that need to be pumped.

6 Responses to “Life by the Numbers”

  1. MollieBee
    January 3rd, 2005 16:38

    Sounds like you are kicking ass though, rock on with your sweaty self.

  2. Jessica
    January 3rd, 2005 21:11

    82 degrees??? You are so lucky. We’ve had nonstop rain for the past week and today the hubby and I got stuck in a nasty hailstorm. It was so bad that we had to pull over. Now it’s lightning all over the place.

  3. Lujza
    January 3rd, 2005 22:52

    82 degrees?!?!? It’s a balmy 26 degrees….guess that’s why they call it “the north”.

  4. Auty
    January 3rd, 2005 22:57

    What’s your favorite baking recipe? I mean, the item that you think could define you? You know, how bakeries or whoever have lots of deserts, but there’s that one item they are known for? What do you think yours is? This isn’t the place for questions, is it?

  5. Texas T-bone
    January 4th, 2005 14:33

    Mmmmm. Muffins! Good luck on your new adventure. Will you ship them to other places?

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    April 4th, 2005 22:31

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