Real job…my ass

Oh no….poor poor me. Someone who is unable to leave a real name or email decides I need to get a real job to pay my bills.

What the fuck was I thinking, not getting a “real job?”

Hey, D, have you ever thought that if I go and get my “real job” that I would be spending ALL my money to pay for childcare?

Seeing that your IP address is in the Netherlands, perhaps you aren’t privy to what American child care is. Around here, we’d pay over $800 a month for someone to watch MY CHILD FOR ME WHILE I GO AND SIT IN A SHITTY OFFICE, HATING MY JOB.

So? NO.

As for what I’m doing not being a “real job?” Whatever you think. I can’t wait until you have kiddies and one of them shits on your face and you mistake it for a Tootsie Roll and eat said shit. I’m not one to say whether or not women with kids should work. It is a PERSONAL decision. PERSONAL. But that being said, my raising a child who won’t become a serial killer that shows up on your doorstep with a tazer and some razor wire is kind of important to me.

But then again…you think I should just get a job, so perhaps I should let my kid show up with said razor wire. Then she could tape your screaming and post it on her mommy’s blog for all us to laugh at.

No, wait….where was I going with this? Your little trollish comment didn’t hurt my feelings. I know that you’re sad that I get to watch Oprah and play with an adorable little baby. I’m sorry that you didn’t find the animal porn you were looking for here. I hope you have a nice night and perhaps your weiner will fall off due to all the excessive whacking you’re giving it.

Don’t mind me. I have a real person to have relations with. And he isn’t blow up. And? He doesn’t make me get a “real job.”

28 Responses to “Real job…my ass”

  1. Gretchen
    December 28th, 2004 16:14

    Someone who thinks that raising a child is not real work has obviously never done so him/herself. Sheesh, I haven’t raised a child myself yet, but I’ve BABYSAT enough to know that it’s harder work than most “real” jobs. You’re right, SJ: Whether to work outside of the home or not is a personal choice, and no one else’s business. Both choices mean hard work and maybe even some sacrifices, and both are totally OK. Just ignore D. This person clearly doesn’t know what s/he is talking about.

  2. Erin
    December 28th, 2004 16:21

    Amen!! I’m not paying over HALF of what I would make to have someone else raise my child. And now that I know what I’d be missing if I did, you could NEVER talk me into it, even if childcare was free!

  3. Badger
    December 28th, 2004 16:22

    Speaking as another former-journalist-turned-SAH-mom … AMEN!!!

  4. Texas T-bone
    December 28th, 2004 16:26

    You’re so lucky, you get all the troll comments.

    It is a personal decision. My wife stayed at home with our little one for 18 months. She took a job because a) it was the right time for our son to interact with other kids – incidentally in a home setting and b) she was ready, too. I’m able to stay at home with him Mondays, and he’s in home kid-care for four days, $20 a day. He is thriving and knows how to share, play well with others, ect. And my wife is relearning how to do that.

    As for anyone else’s decisions on the matter, I say more power to you, whatever floats your boat. Aren’t there more important things in the world to argue about??

  5. girl
    December 28th, 2004 16:36

    What an idiot this D is. I worked for a year with my first daughter as I had to. Then when I got pregnant with my second daughter, I quit before she was born. Let me tell you, the stress and work is harder here at home than it was in corporate America. And with baby #3 on the way, there is no way a “real” job could cover childcare costs–or have it be worth the time I’d be losing being away from my kids.

  6. LX Robotnik
    December 28th, 2004 16:51

    Yea, SJ…why DON’T you get a real job? I mean come on…how hard can it be raising just ONE child? Please…


  7. debutaunt
    December 28th, 2004 17:13

    ok, I was thinking that you knew that D dude.

    So now that I know he’s an asstard… go fuck yourself.

  8. Angie
    December 28th, 2004 17:21

    You shouldn’t even give people who make comments like that the satisfaction of responding.

    Me? I work … to keep me sane!! :)

  9. Fish
    December 28th, 2004 17:26

    Amen. I know I have the easy part of the deal.

    I had to read this post twice because, like … is that tootsie roll thing true? It kinda caught me off guard, and I lost my train of thought. I didn’t really get your message the first time, because, like … damn. Really? Wow. YUCK.

  10. MollieBee
    December 28th, 2004 17:27

    D = Fucknut

  11. amanda
    December 28th, 2004 17:47

    $800/month is all they charge in Texas?!?!?

    It’s at least $1,500/month over here. Thank GOD for grandmothers!

  12. curlygirl
    December 28th, 2004 19:00

    i think d is a confused, misguided soul. what’s wrong with you d? why why why would you say that to sj? she works hard for no money just like lots of stay at home moms. (the most underappreciated job on the planet) be nice. and send her presents too. :)

  13. Kristine
    December 28th, 2004 19:01

    I wish I had a dime for everytime I have been told to ‘get a REAL job’. if I did have a dime for all those times, I could pay for ALL FIVE OF MY KIDS DAYCARE.
    People are stupid. it all comes down to that.

    *sigh*…and *tacklehug*

  14. Bree
    December 28th, 2004 19:17

    You know its all a personal decision to work or not to work and its about what you need to do to make your family function. I on the other hand have been on both sides, I watched my sisters kids for a year, and took half her paycheck so she could pay me. it sucked, I felt bad but it was my job. I have also worked and got paid crappy and knew that if continued to work there I would be paying someone else to watch my kid and paying them half of what I made. To me its not worth it. I could live with out the other 500-1000 dollars I would have been bringing home. Sure it would be nice to have..but I dont need it. Its a personality thing and a need and want attitude for people. A friend of mine has her child in daycare, two reasons, one, she likes the extra income for them to have their expensive life style and two, she said she could never stay home, she would go nuts. Another friend has a part time job because she says its “her me time”. another works because she needs that extra cash for car payments etc. whatever floats your boat. I am very happy and thrilled that I can stay home with my kids. I am happy it worked out that way for me. So what if we have only one car, but we own a home. This is a real job, we just get paid with hugs and kisses :)

  15. Bree
    December 28th, 2004 19:17

    wow..sorry for the “book”. did I ramble or what..woops. ;)

  16. Lujza
    December 28th, 2004 19:25

    Good for you SJ. I’m in total agreement!

  17. Auty
    December 28th, 2004 21:54

    What an asswipe. You’re doing very well at your real job, dear, and the rewards are quite better than any paycheck as I’m sure you know.

  18. Christine
    December 28th, 2004 22:14

    You are so right! I have five kids, only two are in school. My husband is a SAHD. [And I am so jealous of him, but that’s a whole other post.] I know for a fact that my husband would kick D’s ass for saying that a parent that stays home does not have a “real job.” At the end of the day, my husband is more exhausted then he ever was when he worked a “real job,” but he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  19. Erin
    December 29th, 2004 04:09

    I’m with you, once again, SJ…even though my husband and I don’t have kids, (yet) we are appalled at the cost of child care. So much so, in fact, that I’m considering giving up my job for a couple of years to take care of the wee ones when they come. And it doesn’t HAVE to be mothers who stay at home. I applaud stay at home fathers, as well. AND if you can afford it and IF you want to be away from your child that much, for God sake’s feel free to get child care. But like you said, it is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer on this one…it’s just a decision families have to make together based on what is best for them.

    Oh, and by the way, tell that dumb ass troll in the Netherlands to fuck off. For me. :-)

  20. jamie
    December 29th, 2004 08:22

    okay, i’m mean. i think you should publish this guys email address!! turn him over to the spambots!! hooray!

    totally a job. i have two and i’m at home. i have never been more tired in my life, or more fulfilled.

    kudos to you for staying home, and kudos to anyone who has kids at all!

  21. jamie
    December 29th, 2004 08:23

    whoops. didn’t leave an email addy. sorry, my red hot anger caused me to miss that bit!

  22. Stephanie
    December 29th, 2004 11:59

    Why and the hell do people think they can just say shit like that on someone’s web site. I understand this is all public and all that but what and the hell. How rude. It is your personal choice to stay home with your child. Most idiots that talk shit like that don’t have kids of their own and need to shut their cake hole.
    Love your site by the way! :)

  23. brilly
    December 29th, 2004 15:21

    I’m also a SAHM but in Australia we get PAID to be a SAHM. Yep paid to not go to work. It’s not much $170 AUD per week but it keeps my kids out of daycare and me out of the work force.

  24. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch
    December 29th, 2004 18:32

    Fuck tha trolls. I work and I would cut off my right left pinky to be a SAHM it’s the best job a woman can have!

  25. Jessica
    December 29th, 2004 19:24

    You go, SJ. Being a SAHM is an actual job. Hell, I wish I had the means to do it, but unfortunately I can’t. Shoot, I’ll be lucky to have three months with the little booger before going to an office to slave away for someone who doesn’t appreciate me.

  26. Tracy
    December 30th, 2004 02:05

    I want to thank you. I have lost count on how many times I have heard this face to face and on the web one way or another.
    I’ll leave it at that as not to go completely cuss crazy on this “D” person in my comment. Again, thank you!

  27. Arianne
    December 30th, 2004 04:40

    Gah. Its so fun being put down for raising this country’s future citizens. I have a blast when my father-in-law tells the hubs that i “need to contribute to the family” by getting one of those real jobs. Yeah, he’s a barell of laughs. Fun fun!

  28. backgamon
    April 4th, 2005 22:29

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