Is it fate?

I believe in fate. I belive things are meant to happen for a reason. I believe in God and His divine hand interviening in my life, though I don’t always expect for it to happen.

So, i ask myself. Are today’s happenings fate? Would my husband call me and say **edited– people from his work read this** say he’s unhappy at work just a few minutes after I speak to my Mom about changing careers?

What does this all mean? Why do I feel that my job doesn’t matter anymore? Why am I bored of it? Am I just being a whiney brat? Why would I wait until I’ve worked somewhere for a year and then start thinking this?

If I wanted to go back to school, we’d have to move out of state. What is it? What is happening here? I’m so confused. So what is a girl to do?

8 Responses to “Is it fate?”

  1. Texas T-Bone
    August 14th, 2003 21:52

    Everything happens for a reason. God is never late, never early, but always on time. Maybe it is time for the two of you to consider moving. If you want to consider God’s plan, I’d urge you to pray about it. I’m not saying that. I’ve seen prayer work, and although a booming voice may not say “Go West, S.J.”, you will receive peace with a certain path. Take that path.

    What would you study in school?

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