Christmas Recap

Christmas is over…yours truly is getting fat…

It is over. And honestly? I’m a little sad about it. Why? Well, you’d be sad to if you married into a family that knows how to celebrate Christmas. Or at least knows how to give good gifts.

But before I get into what I got, I must give you the official name of this year’s festivities:

Christmas 2004: The Year of the Electronic Toy.

They beep. They sing. They light up. And they’re all for my child. Someone shoot me now. No, really. No…just kidding…Ellie loves the toys. They go “beep!” and “I love trash!” and “woo hoo!” and colors change and noises are made and she just kind of sits there and stares. So I guess it is worth it.

So…onto MY TOYS, which, Internet, you won’t believe it. In fact, every time I think about what I GOT, I just want to poop a little in my pants with excitement.

Hello mixer!

And what’s that next to it? Silicone bakewear? Rock on! And also? Everyone should have an uncle-in-law who is an unmarried engineer. They give good gifts.

Let’s just say I have a gift certificate to Borders Bookstore and it is in an OBSCENE amount. As in “Did you accidentally write in one too many zeros here?”

Can I really buy that many books? Oops! I’m pooping again!

But the awesome gift? The one I accidentally knew about but pretended I didn’t?

I’m taking a picture with it right here.

A new digital camera!

The Hubs is busy playing the game his mother bought him (though it was my idea.) Halo 2 for X-box. The X-Box was what I bought him last year, also known as When We Had Money.

He got a game of paintball from me. And books like ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and “Dante’s Inferno.”

Because he’s a smart one. Perhaps I wasn’t the smart one when I recommended a shoot em up X-Box game? Because I think there’s a chance I’ll never actually get to have a conversation that doesn’t include my husband yelling “cocksucker” at the TV again.

14 Responses to “Christmas Recap”

  1. Auty
    December 27th, 2004 23:22

    I’m in love with your mixer.

  2. Nicole
    December 27th, 2004 23:44

    I got that mixer for my birthday last year and I love it! It makes baking so much easier! Now if I could just learn to cook….

  3. Beth
    December 27th, 2004 23:47

    You have got to love the KitchenAid. We have one just like it sitting in our Kitchen. It was a wedding gift from all of the ladies back in Dave’s hometown. And wait until you discover the accessories. Can I say food processor attachment?

  4. Mel G-F
    December 28th, 2004 00:42

    I got a Kitchen-Aid too!!! I’ve owned it for two days, and I’ve used it twice already. Not as big of a fan of silicone bakeware, but you probably can bake much, much more than I can. Got my husband a playstation this year. May live to regret that one.

  5. Jessica
    December 28th, 2004 01:02

    I feel your pain about the Xbox. The boyfriend has Halo 2 and whenever he plays it, the house echoes with every cuss word known to man. :P

    And he yells at ME for my potty mouth.

  6. Erin
    December 28th, 2004 10:04

    we have that Sesame Street toy. I HATE it. It’s freaky, it’s loud and frankly we think it’s possessed. It goes off randomly in the middle of the night and you can hear it no matter where you are in the house. We have resorted to shoving it under the sink in the bathroom covered with bathtowels. First chance I get, it’s going to Goodwill.

  7. Stacey
    December 28th, 2004 10:12

    Halo 2 = the awesome.

  8. Caitlin
    December 28th, 2004 10:56

    I bought my boyfriend an Xbox for xmas this year, and I’m beginning to regret it. We cannot have a normal conversation without cuss words or him looking on the computer for new ways to do things to the Xbox, or exclaiming to me about all the new games he’s found. At least he’s happy.

  9. Gretchen
    December 28th, 2004 11:35

    E doesn’t play Halo, but he plays all sorts of sports games, and I hide in another room, because it gets U-G-L-Y in there when the game doesn’t go well.

    P.S. I’m jealous of the new digicam. What I want more than anything is a Nikon D70. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, even before everyone started getting them and raving about them (I have to say that just to prove that I’m not jumping on an already-way-too-full bandwagon!). But it’s going to take a while before I’ve saved enough pennies for THAT. :)

  10. Corrie
    December 28th, 2004 11:53

    Hey, we got that Sesame Street toy last year…I wanted to kill Elmo before Valentines Day. I, too, got a CRAZY amount of money for Barnes and Noble…can you believe I blew through it within 15 minutes in the store? I now have an assload of books but no time to read them!

  11. Antonia
    December 28th, 2004 13:56

    Haha! You have so totally screwed yourself on the Halo2 situation. Aric bought it for himself for Christmas the day it came out, along with X-Box Live. Does yours have X-Box Live? Oh, I hope for you he does NOT. That is an entirely new level of craziness, which multiplies the cursing and echoing machine gunfire exponentially. Every time I hear my 25 year-old husband say that he’s playing games with his friends I wonder what the hell has happened here. New swear words have been invented since the release of that game.

  12. Texas T-bone
    December 28th, 2004 16:28

    You will find out very very soon that batteries make the perfect stocking-stuffer. This year, my son actually got a handful of toys that don’t need batteries (tricycle, Little Tikes workbench and a rocking horse). It’s sweet bliss.

  13. Empie
    December 28th, 2004 18:20

    Hey I havent been reading in awhile and scrolled down and saw the picture of that toy Ellie got.

    I actually got one of those for my Bella for Xmas too, and lets just say I had to call Fisher Price about it! You know how it sits on the stand and it comes off real easily if you hit it hard enough, well my little one did that and it lodged in her neck, I stepped away to vaccuum while she was playing with it and when I came back she wasnt breathing, it was jammed in her little neck and cut off her airway!

    So I did bring it to there attention, and advised them they should change the age requirement from 6 months to 9, I just feel little ones necks are not strong enough yet to hold themselves up! They said they do a weekly review of the toys and will bring it to there attention for future changes in the product….

    Anyways just wanted to let you know to keep a close eye when she’s playing with it, we wouldnt want anything to happen to that cute little Ellie of yours!

  14. Tracy
    December 30th, 2004 02:31

    Hannah got the SS atom spinner for Christmas last year. After hearing that for a year, I’m so happy that things batteries ran out and she slowly stopped playing with it. Now I get a breather before June when the next baby comes along and wanting to play with that thing several months later. LOL

    I still dream of hearing “I love trash!” in my nightmares. hehe ;)

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