Christmas Hell, Part Two.

Every year, I think “This will be the year that I get my shit together and do some nice wrapping.”

I go to the store. I buy wrapping paper. This year I bought cute little tags with snowmen on them.

Then I get home, pull out the presents and wrapping paper. What commences can only be described by one word.


My Mother In Law, on the other hand, must have a degree in wrapping presents. So, tonight, to make my puny little present feel inferior, I set two of our presents side by side and took a little picture.

Let me say this. Mine isn’t the one on the left.

10 Responses to “Christmas Hell, Part Two.”

  1. Meeeeeery Fish-mas
    December 24th, 2004 01:27

    DL is a gift-wrapping perfectionist. I suck.

    Let we who suck at late night drunken gift wrapping UNITE!

  2. Auty
    December 24th, 2004 10:10

    Hehehehe. That’s funny.

    If it helps, your gift wrapping job has more character!

  3. Beth
    December 24th, 2004 10:34

    Oh my god, that’s funny! But mine are the same, and yes - usually drunken and late at night!

  4. Tish
    December 24th, 2004 10:47

    God Bless you! I hate to wrap, find bows useless, and refuse to buy ribbon. Maybe we should rise up and start a movement.
    Great blog
    Come see mine and see if it meets your ‘links’ standards

  5. Erin
    December 24th, 2004 11:01

    ROFLMAO… wow… there is no middle ground in that picture, is there? Your MIL goes way overboard…gosh the wrapping looks like it cost more than what’s probably inside!

  6. NinaKaye
    December 24th, 2004 13:41

    I think it takes time. A few years ago, I wouldn’t even attempt to wrap the gifts. This year, they turned out great. I also cut back on the tape usage. Last year, I must have gone through 2 rolls, this year, not even half a roll…and I wrapped way more stuff. But then, my mother’s gifts look like some professionals did them. Makes me sick.

  7. Sarah
    December 24th, 2004 16:54

    I totally suck at wrapping too, it looks like a dog wrapped my gifts…My husband of all people can wrap like a GOD and I always feel like crap giving him his duct-taped together gifts. I ended up just going out and buying gifts bags and tissue paper…that works nicely.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  8. frozenmojo
    December 25th, 2004 22:14


    I make my hubby do all the gift wrapping. he-he!

  9. Sarcomical
    December 27th, 2004 14:14

    that’s okay.
    i can give you a wrapping workshop sometime if we’re in houston.

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