I think some of you know that once upon a time, before I got fired for blogging, I interviewed Clay Aiken. You didn’t know that? Well, as a features reporter at a Daily Newspaper In Durham, NC, I was told to cover his appearance at the local ball park, where he’d sing the National Anthem.

Goody. I hate American Idol. But? Being the nice and good employee that I was (even though others may say otherwise) I went and covered the story. Interviewed people. Saw and met his family and friends. Interviewed Clay himself.

Now, I tried to be nice given the fact that he was overwhelmed with all the attention. I mean, there were a lot of girls there. A lot. So I tried to be cool with it.

But then he kicked his grandparents out of the room during our interview. Actually, I think he got “His People” to do it for him. I was kind of shocked. I mean, couldn’t he just say “Hey Granny. I need some privacy time here?”

But? Nope. The people kicked them out. And the interview began.

I mean, he was nice to me and all but there just wasn’t something right. But I kept my mouth shut and did my job. But it was one of those times where you leave and you almost feel like there was something going on that you couldn’t see…that something wasn’t right in that little room.

Before I go any farther…there were several celebrities where I got that feeling but he was so new to fame that I didn’t feel like he should act the way he did.

Know what? There wasn’t something right with him. And look how he treats people now.

Clay, dude. You come from a nice family. I’ve met them. They were all incrediably nice and your grandparents offered to sell me your car. I learned some things about your family that I never made public because I’m not that type of person. Why? Because I have respect for your family. They’re good people. I’m not so sure I’d be able to say the same about you anymore.

The world has been nice to you. Your fans have been nice to you. Be nice to them because Payback Is A Bitch.

Don’t act like a little Diva. Just don’t. And your hair? It is even scarier up close. Waaay scarier. I didn’t know a person could have so many stripes on such few hairs.

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