She’d run for her life but she forgot how to run.

I hate making decisions and I’m not good with technical stuff. It was enough trouble for me to pick Blog Hosts for my hosting but since they’ve shut down, I’m having to move. I went through and looked at the suggestions on who I should go to for my new host, but I find myself going all catatonic while reading any of the sites.

I feel like I’m back in math class and I’m supposed to be taking notes. But there’s a pretty tree out the window and look at that guy and I’ve gotta pee….and, wait? Where am I? What am I doing?

Hosting. Must find host. I’m scared. There’s words like Gigs and words that I can’t even remember. How can I make an informed decision if I’m utterly idiotic?

9 Responses to “She’d run for her life but she forgot how to run.”

  1. dawn
    November 28th, 2004 23:27

    Go with Rachel from amscray.com. She’s a fellow blogger and a really cool chick and she’ll give you help anytime you need it.

  2. Dylan
    November 28th, 2004 23:30

    You could always considered a remotly hosted site… I’m just sayin…

  3. Very Mom
    November 29th, 2004 00:09

    Or me - I can host ya ;)

  4. Rusty
    November 29th, 2004 00:12

    I feel bad because I was one of the people who recommended Bloghosts to you. My bad. :(

  5. Christie Anna
    November 29th, 2004 00:38

    Im sure whatever you do will be great. Just do whatever seems easiest and most comfortable to your needs and wants.

  6. rachel
    November 29th, 2004 01:23

    Hey there, I can’t find your email on your blog but if you email me I can try to help you out with anything that you need. I even help people not hosted by me. :)


  7. Stacey
    November 29th, 2004 09:49

    Have you even gotten your domain name from them yet? I haven’t, and I’m scared SHITLESS that I won’t.

  8. Gretchen
    November 29th, 2004 11:21

    I just did a major search for a new host. I narrowed it down to a few that were recommended and then did a Google search on all of them to see what people were saying. Although there were several good ones, I have to say that Total Choice Hosting has GREAT packages (Iots of space for little $$) and I didn’t read a single bad thing about them in pages and pages of Google hits. I even saw companies recommending this host to their employees. I don’t know if this will help, but I figured I’d let you know what I’d discovered since I’ve already had to do the research. (Dreamhost also looked like a really good one.) Good luck!

  9. Gretchen
    November 29th, 2004 11:23

    P.S. I know how you feel. I get overwhelmed and absolutely paralyzed by choice when there are so many options and I have no clue what will constitute a “good” choice.

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