“Mother, mother,” called Bambi.

You may or may not know this, but I absolutely HATE hunting. Now, I’m no hippie– I firmly believe that Organic means “full of bugs” but I think that hunting is absolutely barbaric.

Hey! Let’s get some guns and shoot Bambi’s mother! We’ll drink beer! And take pictures of the dead bodies!

But, what type of people are doing this activity? Doesn’t it scare you to think that this guy is allowed to get a gun and go and shoot little animals? And not just shoot little animals but shoot and kill FIVE OTHER PEOPLE over a hunting stand?

In my book, besides being a horrible asshole and evil person, this guy is just as bad as those people who kill people for their shoes. I just don’t get it.

I may think hunters are doing a bad thing, but come on, they don’t deserve to be shot.

Way to state the obvious, SJ, because I’m sure some people were thinking hunters deserve to be shot and killed. You rule. You should run for President. Because, you know, you have good ideas about who should and should not be shot.


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  1. SJ, what about that fucking genius from your state who wants to set up hunting on his farm via the Web? You point and click from your computer, and he has his rifles rigged up to fire. Hate to have to say this, but…ONLY IN TEXAS. Well, ok, strike that: only in America.

    Gotta love it.

    Comment by Robotnik — 11/22/2004 @ 3:16 pm

  2. My dad hunts. And I don’t particularly like it. When he watches hunting programs, I shout at the TV, “Run! Run while you can!” This is not because I don’t believe in eating meat or anything like that. It’s just that it’s harder to eat something when you’ve seen it being skinned first. But, I have to say this: My dad and his hunting buddies are a heck of a lot more humane in the way they kill the deer than most people who raise and slaughter livestock. So my policy is to not eat venison and not hunt myself, but to respect the people who do. No shooting of other people necessary. ;)

    Comment by Gretchen — 11/22/2004 @ 3:18 pm

  3. And it happened in Wisconsin. Hits close to home, I can say. But I don’t like hunting either, it makes no sense.

    Comment by Kati — 11/22/2004 @ 3:47 pm

  4. I honk every time I see hunters, hoping to scare off the deer. Damn hunters and thier goofy orange hats.

    Comment by Corrie — 11/22/2004 @ 4:43 pm

  5. Hunting doesn’t really bother me at all (I make a mean vension chili), responsible hunting that is. Most of the guys I know are the responsible type, with the licenses and rule following but there are a few that will shoot just about anything just because it’s out there and they have a gun and that just disgusts me.

    Comment by Jenny — 11/22/2004 @ 6:11 pm

  6. I’m with Jenny - the key is -responsible- hunting. Around here, if the Asshole would stop hunting and finally CATCH something (he’s why they call it hunting, not catching *L*) - a moose could keep my whole family, all three houses of it (mom and dad, sis and 4 kids, me and my 3 kids) for several months. I can deal with having to dress and butcher and pack to save myself hundreds of dollars over months.

    Course. i say that now - in all 13.5 years we’ve been together, he’s hunted every single year and never ever caught anything. *L* he always comes -this- close. *rolls eyes* but at least he tries, and does so responsibly.

    Comment by Lessa — 11/22/2004 @ 6:33 pm

  7. I’m not too cool with hunting. Having said that I have friends who live on the land and at times of drought ( which is now ) kangaroos bound over their fences and do a lot of damage. Kangaroos are purpose built. They can halt a fetuses growth in times of drought. That fetus can stay in a type of time lock until the mother finds water and then it starts to grow again. My mates shoot ‘roos because they damage their livelyhood. The dogs get plenty of meat. Wild kangaroos aren’t too good for humans as they have different types of worms that we aren’t used to. The ‘farmed meat’ is OK, strong like venison.

    We have very different gun laws to you and while recreational shooting is encouraged it is usually at non live targets. In the Northen Territory they have hunting tours. They hunt buffalos there because they are a feral animal and because they make a lot of money from American hunting tours.

    Pig hunting is also popular in the bush. Pigs are another feral animal here ( as are camels and rabbits and rats and cats…. we had our own dogs ) The people who pig hunt use dogs to help them. The dogs get the pig because you can’t eat feral pig. At least something eats it. I don’t believe in hunting for trophies but I do believe in hunting to live.

    Sorry to waffle so much

    Comment by brilly — 11/23/2004 @ 3:40 am

  8. What you got in the upper midwest is you got all your young upwardly mobile professional vegetarians buying up all the land and putting up enormous ugly houses made from TREES and POISONOUS STUFF that are way to big than anything they are their 2.5 children are ever going to need, puting up their Carribou Coffees and their Border Bookshops and their Multiplex theaters on land that used to be pretty and wooded, polluting what used to be the countryside with their large obnoxious SUVs….

    ….and now the deer don’t have enough land or food to sustain themselves.

    So - hunt and eat them, or let them starve to death.

    Take your pick.

    Comment by Autumn — 11/23/2004 @ 8:52 am

  9. One time, some skeezy neighbor of mine skinned a deer in his front yard. On base housing. Ew. I’m not a big fan of hunting either.

    Comment by Jen — 11/23/2004 @ 1:38 pm

  10. I personally could never hunt.. my religious beliefs essentially prevent it, as I believe that every living thing is holy. Hunting itself I don’t like, unless it’s necessary for survival of course. The problem is that as a biologist/ecologist, I recognize that habitats are shrinking while deer populations are exploding. This is evident here pre-deer season, when five or six deer will come out in daylight to graze people’s lawns, with little concern about the human activity going on around them.

    I suppose hunting deer and hopefully making some use of the meat is preferable to the suffering of the species in terms of starvation, overcrowding, and disease (particularly since those things are caused by humans in the first place). It’s just the whole pasttime part of it that bugs me. I’m originally from CA, and growing up I didn’t know anyone who hunted, but here in West Virginia, just about every male (and some female) residents own a rifle and enjoy going out and killing stuff. What bugs me is the enjoyment of killing; if I were hunting, for example, I could do so respectfully and also honor the deer once killed, thanking it for giving its life to feed me. What really happens is a bunch of good ol’ boys in camo go out with their guns and bows, cases of beer, and go shoot themselves something. I feel the respect and true meaning of hunting are lost these days.

    Three times in the almost two years I’ve lived in this apartment have my neighbors strung up dead deer outside my kitchen window. Occasionally they leave the dismembered and/or skinned animal hanging there for a few days. Generally they spend plenty of time making a big ruckus and loudly hacking off limbs and such. That bugs me, too, but I suppose when in Rome, you accept what the natives do..

    Comment by Alena — 11/26/2004 @ 6:18 pm

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