Here is a tip for people who may ever be around babies: BE CAREFUL.

So I bet you are looking at these two photos and you think that the first one is all nasty. As in “Eww, that baby has something on its face and it is yuck.” And you may be looking at the second picture and think “Look at that little baby, with nothing on its face.”

But you are WRONG. The first baby may have boob cereal on the face, but the second one has GERMS. Germs are bad.

The problem with little babies is that they are sneaky. That second baby convinced me to kiss her on the lips multiple times, even though I knew she had a cold. I mean, hello, she is so small…how could she get a huge thing like me sick?

So next time a non-cereal faced baby wants you to kiss it, I’d think twice. Especially if it has smooshable cheeks. Because you know what? The more cheek– the more germ.

2 Responses to “WYS is NOT WYG”

  1. Jenny
    November 17th, 2004 20:36

    The kissing. On the Lips. It will not stop, no matter how sick they are. And if they’re as cute as your girl, well then, buy yourself some Nyquil and smooch away.

  2. Robotnik
    November 18th, 2004 10:24

    SJ, what is “boob cereal?”
    Isn’t Ellie a bit too young for pseudo-solids??
    I just got back from the Ped w/Gillian and was told to start introducing cereal around 5 mos.

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