The Virgin Sandwich

I really don’t get the Catholic fascination with the Virgin Mary. Heck, I was Catholic until I was 12 and I don’t get it. (In case you’re wondering, I’m Baptist now. And I dance. And drink.)

But a Virgin Mary sandwich?

The weird thing is that she kept it on her bedside table. And she didn’t eat it. Man, if I go through all the motions of making a sandwich, I’m gonna eat it. I don’t care if Ghandi is on the sandwich or Winona Ryder or The Donald…I’m gonna eat that sucker.

5 Responses to “The Virgin Sandwich”

  1. Robotnik
    November 16th, 2004 13:35

    SJ, just saw this piece on CNN. The more important issue here: how in the feck did she PRESERVE it for so long?

    Also, when I first saw the “image” on CNN, it looked like: Marlene Dietrich, NOT the feckin’ Virgin Mary (there, I’m going to hell for that).

  2. Lujza
    November 16th, 2004 14:42

    All I can say is….”uh yeah”….people are nuts!

  3. Jessica
    November 16th, 2004 15:25

    Robotnik is right. It in no way resembled the Virgin Mary. And that’s some sick shit keeping a sandwich for ten years. Ugh.

  4. Antonia
    November 16th, 2004 19:53

    I was totally about to win that auction until E-Bay pulled it. And for only $20,000! Where else can you get a Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese for that kind of deal?

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