Ellie! Bad Ellie!

Dear Ellie,

Okay, I can try and deal with the fact that you woke up FOUR times last night and screamed like it was going out of style. (By the way, if something is going out of style, I don’t want to be using it.) I’ll deal, even though you knew we were going to wake up early to drive Daddy to work to see if we could do this whole one-car household thingie.

But one side of my nose is stuffed up and it is DRIVING ME NUTS. If you give me your cold….let’s not go there, shall we?

Your Mama

6 Responses to “Ellie! Bad Ellie!”

  1. Gretchen
    November 15th, 2004 10:10

    Ah, the one-car household. Unless something magically changes in our financial situation over the next year or so, we’re going to be in the same boat when a baby comes along.

    A good friend of mine managed to pull it off. Most of the time her husband drove her to work and then kept the car at home with him and the kid. Seemed to work OK for the most part.

    Just remember: It’s not inconvenient and annoying; it’s a way for the family to bond (while fighting over who gets the car). :)

  2. Jen
    November 15th, 2004 10:27

    We’ve been doing the one car thing since we were married. It worked really well for us. Except for hubs being labled Mini-Van Man at work, that is. Haha!

  3. Sarcomical
    November 15th, 2004 10:35

    ellie should know better. perhaps she was trying to give you the “worst case scenario” so you could fully test out the one-car thing. yes. i’m sure she planned it that way to make it as accurate as possible and help you make a fully-informed decision. i’m sure.

  4. Lessa
    November 15th, 2004 11:19

    Heh. I loved it when we had two cars. Hated it when we had one he was working here in town and had to take the car - he always pissy about my needing it and it not being right at his fingertips should he decide he wanted to go somewhere on a whim (he never did unless I was home with the kids. What, TAKE the children? Heaven forbid!)

    It’s not so bad now that he works out of town. For 3 weeks at a time I get the car to myself. For his 2 weeks off, i do everything I need in the morning before he gets his lazy ass outa bed. No worries. *g*

    Course - we HAVE another car. A bug. It’s just broken. and it’s his ‘play car’ so heaven forbid he should actually USE it for something other then a big orange hump in my driveway.

  5. Robotnik
    November 15th, 2004 13:25

    Ha, 4 times….you’re lucky.
    (though I do have to add here that there isn’t screaming involved w/mine; just weird babbling at the animal print on her crib sheet)

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    April 4th, 2005 22:21

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