Oh no!

How to scare my husband:

Have the thought “I could totally have another kid once this one is potty trained.”

I have a feeling he’ll keep her in diapers till she’s twelve now.

5 Responses to “Oh no!”

  1. Robotnik
    November 12th, 2004 16:56

    I’M friggin scared.

  2. Curly Girl
    November 12th, 2004 17:01

    you go dud! you keep making mini duds so i wont have to!

  3. brian mercat
    November 12th, 2004 17:18

    we could practice if you wanna….

  4. Antonia
    November 12th, 2004 23:47

    Try this one for scaring him “Baby, pick up one of those pregnancy tests on your way home, would you?” Works better than the headache scam, if you need it to, that is.

  5. vintage backgammon
    April 4th, 2005 22:21

    vintage backgammon
    What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence. by backgammon sets

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