Time for class participation again.

Okie, since I will be spending Friday eating lunch with my grandma and grandpa*– oh, we can ALL see where this is going–fun grandparent bitching time– it will become audience participation time once again.

Once again?!?! Damn, SJ. Get some freaking material.

*Note: I hope grandpa keeps his nuts in his shorts this time. Or get longer shorts.

So I was over here and she was writing about bloggers who get a lot of media attention.

Now, FYI, I usually don’t speak of other bloggers unless it is positive. Remember? I stay nice.

But, this should stay nice. So, who do you consider to be YOUR big name blogger? Or someone you never miss? I’m not saying go and point to Andrew Sullivan or Wil Wheaton– who do you really read and enjoy? Who am I missing? Who is worth more attention than they receive?

Personally, I always read Autumnville/Momster. Read Yvonne and Dooce. I usually try and stop by the rest of the blogs on my blogroll. Always read my friend Curly Girl who I have known since 9th grade. Ninth grade, people!

So anyway, who are the big bloggers and how do they get that way? Or is this– this being bloggers getting “all the attention” (whatever THAT means) like when the damn cheerleaders kept getting voted prom queen in high school?????


  1. I always read Don’t Wreck Your Head


    I found her through a comment on your site. Love her.

    My wife and I read you every day and you are our must along with Dooce. Also, my wife swears by suburban bliss.

    Comment by Eric — 9/17/2004 @ 12:10 am

  2. I used to read Two Blue Balls [http://snakeapple.blogspot.com/] until he quit updating his site.

    Damn. He’s almost hit my “if you don’t update your site for a month I have to remove your link” ultimatum.

    Comment by Rusty — 9/17/2004 @ 12:22 am

  3. rusty…he started to last night and i’m not sure what happened. either way, he needs an ass kicking :)

    Comment by SJ — 9/17/2004 @ 5:18 am

  4. You, Yvonne, Dooce & Motor City I never miss. They’re my morning must reads.

    Comment by Stacey — 9/17/2004 @ 7:01 am

  5. I always check Autumnville/Momster each morning, and another daily read is a little pregnant. (http://alittlepregnant.typepad.com/). Julie (who runs the site) has been through so much and her attitude about it amazes me. Plus she is finally pregnant after trying for so very long, so these days I enjoy reading about her happiness. It’s nice to know that sometimes people get what they’ve really been wishing for. :)

    Comment by shaunacat — 9/17/2004 @ 7:49 am

  6. Who’s Wil Wheaton? Ah, famous doesn’t mean good, and fortunately the commenters here know what quality is. There’s no blog I read every day anymore, including my own. I still enjoy the community, but it’s lost its initial voyeuristic novelty and now I just like to see how my Internet buddies are doing.

    Comment by Texas T-bone — 9/17/2004 @ 11:27 am

  7. You, Dooce, Yvonne, T-Bone and This Fish are my must-reads when i have time…usually every 2-3 days. Looks like blogroll is down right now so I can’t even see if you BR Fish or not.

    I also have a friend that I BR, but just to be kind b/c her blog is so boring! It makes me sleepy reading how she woke up, ate food, went to work, blah blah blah with no wit and no humor. Do you have any charity cases on your BR? Obviously you can’t out them here, just curious if others do that too…

    Comment by Arianne — 9/17/2004 @ 11:55 am

  8. I love “Martinis, Persistance and a Smile”

    and “Fuggin it Up”

    Comment by Mel — 9/17/2004 @ 12:26 pm

  9. I really do read Wil Wheaton every day! But I am also hopelessly addicted to Emily at idontthink.com and Jess at burninglibrary.com.

    Comment by Annika — 9/17/2004 @ 1:55 pm

  10. Although I have a lot of friends with blogs that I read, the big ones I read are you, Dooce, Autumnville, and Slow Adventures In Slothville. You all make me laugh and/or think. And I like that.

    Comment by Julie — 9/17/2004 @ 2:29 pm

  11. I find I’m at Dooce, http://twistofkate.blogspot.com &
    http://rileysworld.blogspot.com &
    suburban bliss and yours.

    Comment by jenny — 9/17/2004 @ 10:56 pm

  12. Although I read all the blogs listed on my site, I have SJ’s, Quira.net, moodymama.com, allahpundit.com, and dawnolsen.com on my toolbar.

    Comment by Auty — 9/17/2004 @ 11:34 pm

  13. Finslippy. Finslippy kills me - absolute hilarity.


    Comment by Amanda — 9/19/2004 @ 8:47 pm

  14. At the top of my list are:
    After family (http://auntmurry.blogspot.com) and friends (4 blogs total), the top blog is Cop Talk (http://coptalk.blogspot.com)
    After that is my boss’ blog, Wil Wheaton (sorry, he got me into it and I’m a Star Trek junkie) and Our Turn in Baghdad.
    Looking at it right now, I need to change priorities on my blogroll to move you up on the list. I’m reading it more often than some of the others in between.

    Comment by Bubby — 9/19/2004 @ 9:07 pm

  15. I usually read you, and dooce, and momster, fuggin it up, my friend sissyfit http://sissyfit.blogspot.com/…. Mr.Pork Tornado himself is hilarious http://porktornado.diaryland.com/albumcover.html… Snarkywood http://www.snarkywood.com/….
    and at times Wil Wheaton, not because I liked star trek, but because I wanted to fondle his adolescent soul when he was in Stand By Me and I still have some weird thing about him. But he is geeky now, and is kinda of not the hunk I thought he would be.

    Comment by Mari — 9/19/2004 @ 9:21 pm

  16. I heart http://fuggingitup.blogspot.com - I don’t ‘get’ snarkywood, it seems contrived and they don’t post as often. Fugging it up is really good writing and slams the media’s idea of fashion really well.

    Comment by Janice — 9/20/2004 @ 6:46 pm

  17. Jodiverse, our wonderful SJ, and Java Diva…I try to catch those at least 2-3 times a week…

    And I read Julies!!!!!

    Comment by Traci — 9/20/2004 @ 7:37 pm

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