Passing the bar…

The problem with hanging out with people who you knew in college is that most of the meetings will involve alcohol. Well, the alcohol isn’t the problem, as I figured out this past weekend, when we met up at two friends’ house (they are married) and watched the A&M VS OU football game on their really big TV.

At first, they only had beer, which I don’t drink, so it seemed like it would be another boring football game for SJ. But then! Then! Oh, they brought out the frufru drinks. The margaritas!

I am a SUCKER for margaritas. At first, I was like “Woah this is a crazy margarita” but the more I drank, the better it became. Surprise, surprise.

I could feel myself getting loopy. Knew it was getting bad when I had the desire to crawl around on all fours and bark or meow or make some form of animal noise. When I drink, I like to do fun things. Like take off my clothes.

I kept all my clothes on but I did slap a few asses, if I do say so myself. And? Even though I kept drinking the margaritas, I didn’t feel sick! Just pleasantly buzzed.

So here’s the recipe.
12 oz of frozen limeade, 12 oz corona beer, 12 oz 7up, 12 oz tequila, all mixed in blender and poured over ice.

Anyway, these friends decided to get together this upcoming weekend in College Station to watch the A&M/Texas Tech game. “Sure,” we say, thinking of having fun with some friends.

Only problem? (And I saw this coming..) they want to watch the game in a bar. The Hubs is all “Cool.” And I’m like “Hello! We can’t go to a bar!” And he’s telling me how it is during the day and that’s okay.

I informed him of a little thing called secondhand smoke and how my baby won’t be breathing it. But really, what comes to mind is a scene in that totally crappy Reese Witherspoon movie “Sweet Home Alabama.”

“You’ve got a baby! In a bar.”

I can’t be the person with a baby in a bar!

5 Responses to “Passing the bar…”

  1. Rbelle
    November 9th, 2004 23:31

    HAHA! I didn’t think the movie was crappy, but I do manage to quote it at least once a week!

  2. Janna
    November 10th, 2004 00:25

    To combine 2 movie quotes, you’ll have a baby! In a bar! In College Station Texas!

    (That last one’s from My Best Friend’s Wedding)

    Oh, Aggieland.

  3. Antonia
    November 10th, 2004 00:50

    Yeah, the very familiar problem of what the hell to do with the baby when you want to go to a bar. You should find out if it’s really a smokey bar bar, or maybe they have an outdoor area or cafe-type thing going on. Or a temporary daycare, like the gym. You never do know.

  4. Robotnik
    November 10th, 2004 07:42

    SJ…Ellie will be OK. I know it sounds terrible as a new father…but she really will be. You can make it a one-time thing.

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