I watched Extreme Makeover last night. Okay, I’ll admit it. I like these shows and I really like to watch them now that I have Satellite TV again. Since we don’t have discovery health channel, I can’t watch shows on hermaphodites so plastic surgery shows have to do.

There’s one thing I always notice about Extreme Makeover. They have no problems saying how ugly the person is on the “before” part. I mean, yes, in the comfort and privacy of my own living room, I’ll sit there and say “Man, that chick is ugly!” or “Glad I don’t have that nose!” because I’m a big old meanie.

But I usually don’t talk about other people’s appearances like that…okay I try not to, because that’s just mean. Except for when I’m driving past people on the road and they piss me off. Then it is open season.

But on Extreme Makeover?

“Meet Jane. Jane has a huge nose, chubby cheeks, bad skin and a big, fat ass. She’s not just ugly. She’s fugly.” (Fugly=fucking ugly)

I mean, if you are watching the show and you have a brain and eyes, you can tell that the person is ugly. We don’t need the announcer over there, telling us how freaking ugly the person is. It is that obvious.

Sad thing is, I’m usually not impressed by the “afters.” Such as last night, I was like “uhh…that’s not very good looking.” And then they show us the before and the lightbulb comes on and I remember “Wow! She was fugly!”

But I mean, can’t they just assume that we can tell the person is ugly? Do they need to tell us???

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