More fun! More pictures!

My world in a nutshell.

This is the fun Mommy gets to have:

Midnight barfy fun!

Scared shitless fun!

This is the fun Daddy gets to have:

Sleeping in the bed fun!

Sleeping on the couch fun!

He doesn’t get to have all the fun. I get:

Lovin’ the baby fun!

I’d show all the fun poopy diapers he changes..but well, that’s just vulgar.

9 Responses to “More fun! More pictures!”

  1. Shylah
    August 4th, 2004 20:07

    Awwww, she looks just like you, SJ!

  2. Mia
    August 4th, 2004 20:50

    She’s Beauuuuuutiful! I miss that age…

  3. Nicole
    August 4th, 2004 22:33

    They grow so fast don’t they? She looks so much like a little person now rather then a newborn. I can’t wait to have my little girl (although it seems like I am the last one around here having one!)

  4. Auty
    August 5th, 2004 00:13

    She does look just like you. She just gets cuter and cuter but holy cow that was a lot of spit up! Wowser!

    And I believe daddy already posted poop on his blog, so you’re all set. *thumbs up*

  5. Traci
    August 5th, 2004 00:18

    Shes just gorgeous!!!!

  6. Lujza
    August 5th, 2004 01:26

    What a cutie patutie!

  7. Hilary
    August 5th, 2004 09:18

    She is so beautiful! Sure looks like you get to have lots of different kind of fun! “Lovin’ the baby” looks the best!

  8. Busy Mom
    August 5th, 2004 13:03

    She is a doll, spit up and all! All of mine were spewers, too, btw.

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