1. Why are you the "Sarcastic Journalist" if you are no longer a journalist?
I started this site back in early 2003 when I was, in fact, a journalist. Oddly enough, I didn't think much about what to name the site and pretty much just chose the first name that popped into my head. Little did I know what this site would eventually turn into. I might have picked a different name if I could see into the future. I decided to keep the name even when I changed over to Shenuts because well, changing names just confuses people.

2. Why didn't you sue because you got fired? I have a cousin/brother/next door neighbor who I could talk to.
Thanks, but no thanks. I have no interest in suing. I thought about it right after I got fired but eventually realized it wasn't going to work. I keep the stance that most people who get fired for their blogs probably don't have the right to sue.

3. You deserved to get fired!
You deserve a foot up your ass. People make mistakes. I've gotten over it and moved on. Why don't you do the same?

4. Where do you live? You look familiar.
I live in Texas. I'm not that secretive about the town and area I live in, but I think that for safety purposes, its not wise to advertise it on a page like this. Here's a hint: I live in the suburbs and do not own a horse.

5. You're mean.
You're ugly.

6. You call yourself a "journalist" yet I clearly saw a grammatical error in a post you wrote today! You are stupid and a liar!
I'm not a journalist anymore. I canne wrot az worsely as me wants.

7. Can I link to you?
You can do whatever you want. It's always nice when someone links.

8. Why don't you link to me?
It's just not how that works. It's not that I don't read your site, but I try to keep my links down to a few that I read every day. Sorry!

9. I think that if you joined a cult/shopped at Wal-Mart/took meds/did yoga that all your problems would go away! You wouldn't be depressed!
........uh, thanks?

10. Why can't I see your pictures?
It probably has something to do with your "firewall." That's what "They" tell me. Honestly, I'm not sure how to help you with this, but I really wish I could.

11. You live in Texas? You should die, you evil Republican, SUV-driving Jerk!
Although I considered myself a Republican in college, I really don't anymore. Also, I don't drive an SUV. It's not PC to call someone who lives in the inner city a ghetto gang banger that wants to kill your granny, so don't call me names because I live in Tejas. It just makes you look like a loser.